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I got to Hartley during my Junior year. My experience at the school has been great. I've been more social and involved in school than I ever have since coming to Hartley. I recommend for any parent to send their child here.
Had some issues with some teachers and guidance counselor when relaying some issues my two kids were having during various times during their 4 year tenure. Kids did win 2 State Championships playing football. Did prepare them for success in college. Both kids on Deans list at private catholic college.
Good education with decent opportunities. Community is well rounded and good teacher base. Overall positive High School experience, even with the large workload.
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I have grown so much in my leadership during my four years. We have a house system (similar to Harry Potter) that allows many students to engage their leadership abilities and at the end of the year we compete for a house cup. The staff really builds relationships with the students and goes out of their way to help you succeed. The 650 students enrolled makes the perfect student body because you can both "fit in and stand out"
Bishop Hartley has a wonderful program for learning disabilities and each teacher cares about the student. The courses are designed to prepare each student for college and a successful future. Most importantly the administration and staff take it upon themselves to guide each student through the college application process and to assist in the application process. The community it a tight knit family that helps each student during their time at the school.
I am really happy to have been able to go to this school because if nothing else it really thought me the value of serving others. I think I've become a better human being because of attending the school and in fact, I am pursuing nursing due to that same vocation that I have to serve. They really gave me what they said they would 4 for 40, 4 years worth 40.
I love Bishop Hartley! All of the teachers are so nice and help you whoever you need it! All the students are super sweet. We take classes very seriously, but we have house days that give us a break from school work! I have learned so many new things going to Bishop Hartley and this school has shaped me to who I am today!
Bishop Hartley really did try to enforce the idea of community. We participated in the House system which introduced individuals from multiple grade levels to each other which allowed for making connections that otherwise may not have happened. However they did not allow for any Spence of individuality which was suffocating at times.
I like the House System that Hartley inplented. The House System is mirrors the one found in the Harry Potter Series. It is a great way for Upperclassmen and Lowerclassmen to have an opportunity to get to know one another and it also builds school/house spirit.
The teachers, facility, and other parents really care about every student and want the best for them. You are pushed, and sometimes pushed hard, but in the end it is really worth it!
Bishop Hartley is a fine school, nothing spectacular. You can be pushed academically if you chose difficult classes but the easy route is a available. The teachers aren't overly good, we don't do enough writing in our classes, especially not the higher level courses. They just figure you are a good enough writer if you are in AP so they don't have you ever write. I didn't write a single paper in my AP Lang class and only wrote about 3 essays for APUSH and that was the extent of the writing I had to do junior year. The math teachers are pretty challenging but certainly not overwhelming. The school is very football centered which can be a drag if you don't participate in sports culture.
Overall I learned a great amount of information. I enjoy learning however the kids were awful the staff only cared about the athletes mainly football. I didn’t like the school or the lunches. Do better Hartley!
Hartley is in an unsafe neighborhood and has a high rate of ed-choice students. That means parents paying the full tuition are paying to fill the gap between what the state pays for those students and the cost to educate them. The administration covers up episodes, including those that are potentially dangerous. Many of the faculty are good but many are on their first year out of college. Many of the students use foul language, participate in bullying and sexting. If you’re not an athlete at Hartley then you’re a nobody. When we first saw the school we thought the house system was awesome but it’s nothing - a waste of a period every Wednesday.
I like how I attend a college preparatory private school. I like how my education at Hartley will take me far in the future. I wish more diversity was accepted at Bishop Hartley High School
It was a great environment but they should focus on molding minds to people to do better and help those around them to also do better as well.
Bishop Hartley is a private Catholic high school and I transferred there after my freshman year from public schools. I did not like it at first because of the new environment and very strict policies. In a way, I still wished I could have finished out my high school career at my previous high school, Thomas Worthington. Most people are very rude but I have come across some very kind individuals. If I had to change anything, it would be the unity among students. All the students are very cliquey and do not broaden or open their circle of friends.
I like how people are able to be themselves when it comes to their religion but I don't like how it can be kind of discriminatory sometimes.
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The school itself is very academically diverse, however the religious aspect of the school's culture is very forced upon its students. For students seeking a holistic education, Bishop Hartley is not the most inclusive school.
Bishop Hartley is amazing school with a passion for equipping students for college. The teachers truly desire to see their students succeed and accomplish the goals that their students have. The education and curriculum is rigorous and challenging but it is well worth it. I think there should be more classes that can be applied to the real world (i.e. financial and business classes, entrepreneurship classes, etc.)
Bishop Hartley High School is an incredible example of being able to prepare students for the college experience by developing well-rounded students and servant-leaders. The school community is diverse and inclusive, supportive and hosts a top-rated academic curriculum in central Ohio.
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