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Bishop Grimes Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I enjoyed my time at BG. Great school and great community! I only spent my sophomore year there before heading back to Canada, but I'm glad I was able to make memories I'll cherish forever.
Bishop grimes is a terrible school for the money. The actual school is disgusting. in the 2018-2019 year that i went there i found mold in the girls locker room. mold on water fountains, bathroom doors that didnt lock, etc. also the teachers do not help you at all. they either give u a paper and textbook and tell you to get it done. The school also has bad students that are rude . on my phone i have videos of my old math class and how loud it was. they did nothing. If you want to go to a private school go to CBA!
My experience at Bishop Grimes was great. I was able to build a strong connection with the teachers and students even though I was only there for three years. I have grown so much as a person and my faith has been an important part of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gone to such a great school. The teachers are very encouraging and are there to help whenever you need it. Everyone gets along with one another and there are rarely any problems. I have made some life-long friends and have met some adults that I look up to very much and will stay in contact with.
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Bishop Grimes has a very small atmosphere so it is very good for one on one teaching . I would say if anything could be improved it is the teaching for exams such a AP or NYS regents to help improve those test scores.
Most of the classes that my child had were awful. The teachers had no control and the kids were "in-charge". Their was no discipline and no academics. After 1 year there we decided to move to a different school.
I love Bishop Grimes and I go to Bishop Grimes and people who just started school at Bishop Grimes like seventh graders Thanks Bishop Grimes is a bad school because they don’t get to do whatever they want to do like if you respect the teachers and be nice you were actually love this cool just the way I do because it’s better than public school and you all know that if you don’t like Bishop Grimes just leave and start making bishop Gorman look bad because it’s not a bad school trust me . in the way the seventh graders are treating the teachers is really bad and the sub and when I’m in class the way the students treats the teachers Is it really bad like the teachers from Bishop Grimes are not even bad but all I’m gonna say the seventh graders needs to stop lying or they can just go to CBA says they think it’s a bad school
As a parent of a student at Bishop Grimes, I am very pleased with the education that my child is receiving. My child is challenged in most of her classes, and she has some of the kindest and most caring teachers I have ever met. My family chose Bishop Grimes because of the family atmosphere that we felt when we visited, and we have not been disappointed in our choice. Sending our child to Bishop Grimes is a true investment in our child's future.
Bishop Grimes is in the process of becoming fully accredited as an International Baccalaureate World School, which will establish our academic program as the most rigorous and research-backed college preparatory program in CNY. Bishop Grimes is small enough to provide individualized attention to each student, focusing upon their holistic wellness, while still offering 43 outstanding sports programs, instrumental, vocal, performing, and fine arts, (2/3 of students participate in instrumental, vocal, and/or performing arts), and various other extracurricular activities. Bishop Grimes is a Diocesan school, and students receive an education rooted in the Gospel and the Catholic Church that supports the spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic achievement of our diverse student population.
The school is overall a welcoming environment with teachers that are willing to help and want the student to succeed. However the building is out of date and needs repairs. Bishop Grimes has made it possible for me to become the best version of myself with others and academically. I believe the close-knit environment has adequately prepared me for college and life after college.
Bishop Grimes is a very nice college prep school but lacks the newer technology that some schools in the same class have. It has a very good academic program and the school activities such as sports and clubs are extensive for it's small size.
My experience with Bishop Grimes high school was different, its a lot to do. Your never bored,from plays to concerts, to sports, you'll always be interacted. Some things I would change about the school is that it maybe needs to be a little more diverse. I also think they should be more fair about there choices with certain students. As in disciplinary actions.
I was not a fan of bishop grimes at all. All of the money you pay basically goes towards the athletic department (for teams that rarely go far), and if you don’t play sports you’re out of luck. Very little classes offered. Poor instruction for the classes they did offer. My friends went to public school and had a way better experience overall.
Improvements in academics, faculty additions and course offerings over the past few years have been a definite plus. Music and arts upgrades have also been very good. Staff turnover in some areas (atheletics, guidance), while including some good additions, has also created some challenges. Overall, a good experience.
This school is disgusting. I felt like i was in a prison. The teachers are condescending and most of them don’t know how to teach. They don’t take care of their bullying issues. The administration and the kids are racist, sexist and homophobic. I have never felt such a toxic environment. They have a front that they’re such a good school, but they don’t offer half as much as a public school. i’m appalled.
I enjoyed my 6 years at Bishop Grimes. The school is very unique in that the student body is small yet very diverse. There are people from countries all over the world at this school of about 300 students. Also, the courses are very challenging. I enjoy this because I need to challenge myself in the classroom in order to be successful at college. It is also a great place to be. Since the school is not big, most students know their entire class by name and have a relationship with all of their classmates. The size of the school also allows for closer teacher to student relationships, as class sizes tend to be rather small. Bishop Grimes Junior/Senior High School is a great place to learn.
I would never attend this school again. In fact, I regret going there in the first place.
The teachers at Bishop Grimes are extremely incompetent. Most of my classes are a complete waste of time, and I regret transferring there. Teachers have absolutely no control over the students or classroom, and they don't care.
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Nurse on site

Security cameras in use

Exterior doors locked: camera/intercom system to let visitors in

Discipline issues dealt with in a timely and fair manner.

Code of conduct for students, visitors, and parents widely publicized and enforced

Very safe, secure and nurturing environment
Always something going on from sports to the arts to technology. Something for everyone
Small class sizes, individual attention, community service, rigorous academics in a safe, caring, Catholic environment. Students participate in sports, arts, music, clubs and community service. There is something for everyone!
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