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Bishop Brossart High School Reviews

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Bishop Brossart provided me with a great Catholic education. Bishop Brossart provided me with a fun environment to get an education while teaching me great morals to live my life with. Bishop Brossart gave me a way to challenge myself while I was able to grow spiritually. Overall Brossart was a great success and I would recommend it to others.
The teachers are all wonderful and so caring for each student. They all care about you and want you to succeed in whatever you plan to do after high school. All of the staff members are approachable and I never feel scared to talk to any of them.
Good school and community. Brossart just became a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence this year, so that shows the academic prowess of the school.
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Bishop Brossart was an extremely good community and provided me with a wonderful education. I only wish that there were more options for honors and advances classes from the beginning at freshman year.
I liked about Bishop Brossart High School (BBHS) were the warm atmosphere, leadership, service, strong faith, friendly community, and love. The Brossart community cares about all the students and wants them to succeed. Brossart is a second home and close family!
Brossart always carries out its motto, “Charity First”. I have learned the importance of helping others. My faith has deepen and continues to grow. Brossart has prepared me for college emotionally, spiritually, and academically. I thank BBHS for helping me to thrive, succeed, and serve others.
I would not change much about Brossart. However, I want it to gain more sports teams and receive advanced technology for educational purposes. I pray that Brossart will do well in its future endeavors. I hope BBHS will continue to grow and mark a purpose on someone just as it did for me.
It was a tight knit atmosphere that was very giving and a loving community. The parents are always willing to help out with anything necessary and all the students are really kind. The school as a whole is a great atmosphere.
I really enjoy how Bishop Brossart is one big family. Since we are such a small school, everyone is always looking out for and willing the good of others. The teachers and staff are well educated making Bishop Brossart a great environment to learn, grow, and prepare for the future in. With a motto like "charity first," Brossart students are always taught to help others in need before yourself and to do what is right. I loved every day spent at Brossart and all the people who made my high school experience one to remember.
Some good teachers and administrators, others were full of themselves. Couldn't tell you why they thought so much of themselves.
I liked Brossart’s community and inclusion. I felt like a part of a family there. I feel like I was properly prepared for college and learned a lot.
I enjoyed the closeness of the community and how friendly everyone is. it is a very good school, and has very many outgoing students that are very prepared for college. it was a good experience.
I had great teachers who worked hard to help me learn and succeed. I was also able to not only grow in my academics, but also in my faith.
Bishop Brossart has been like a second home to my kids. It’s somewhere they feel safe, are cared for, and are challenged educational to bring out things they never knew possible. Students blossom at BHHS with their education and their faith at BBHS.
Brossart has given me the opportunity to thrive and succeed. It has fully prepared me for my life ahead. I am confident in my abilities and talents.
I love this school! Amazing teachers and helpful staff! its a small private school which is great and all the students are great.
BBHS is a close knit educational community. Financial aid is available to help with tuition which is reasonable compared to other private schools. I believe my daughter will find the transition to college easier due to the rigor of her courses at BBHS.
Really good school. Everyone is very friendly and nice. It is an amazing community to be around and I loved my years there.
My experience at Bishop Brossart High School has been phenomenal. I received an amazing and advanced high school education here. I was involved in multiple extracurricular activities her such as Campus Ministry, Music Ministry, Bowling, and the Drug Free Club. I always felt welcome and like everyone was my friend. The teachers were helpful and always kind to us. I do believe that they needed to upgrade their technology, and be more respectful of students opinions and suggestions. Nevertheless, BBHS was a fantastic high school and a great experience.
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Bishop Brossart High School is not your typical "Catholic" high school. As an incoming freshman, you are welcomed with open arms. The upperclassmen and faculty make sure to engage future students as much as possible. This school is very tight knit and comfortable around each other. We always show love and support for our fellow classmates in good times and bad. As a school, our motto is "Charity First." This motto is lived out daily. We are giving back to our community through fundraising, volunteering, and getting information out about organizations that need help. As a current senior in high school, I would pick a private, Catholic school like Bishop Brossart again and again.
We've never had a bomb or terrorist threat of any kind. I can only think of one instance in which someone seriously threatened to hurt someone. Bullying is rare, but still present in forms of tormenting for no reason. I have been a victim of this, but it stopped in sophomore year. However, I still see the same kind of mean teasing and kids being made fun of. But it's very, very mild.
There's lots of extracurriculars, Academic Team, Beta Club, Student Council, and tons of sports including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, bowling, etc.
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