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The building itself was built in 2001. Unfortunately, the daily upkeep can be underpar. The library is modern and kept updated with technology and is available to students after school. There are two computer labs and an iPad cart available to teachers.
Most students need to utilize the town rec department for any fitness activities, with the exception of after school inter murals, which vary in what sport is covered at different times of the year.
This school district uses the school committee approved Code of Conduct that parents and students need to sign off on. It is a 64 page document that covers all rights including everything from bullying policy, student, teacher and parent expectations, dress code, plagiarism, cheating, parent/home communication, no tolerance policy, discipline actions utilized for offenses, attendance, etc.
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This school only employs teachers designated as "highly qualified" by the state. They offer continual professional development to them and try to keep the kids current with technology. It is their hope to move to a one-to-one model with laptops in the next few years. They are also required to differentiate regularly to meet the needs of the diverse group of students.
The following clubs are available for after school activities:

drama club, chorus, jazz band, sports intermurals, math club, history day club, robotics,
Our school has a detailed emergency response program that outlines teams of people who will take charge in just about any emergency that was created with the town police and fire departments, and head nurse. We practice lockdown drills on a regular basis. A unarmed officer is stationed daily at the high school located a quarter mile away and has quick response time to our middle school when needed. ID's, video surveillance, buzz in doors are all a daily part of our school.
My school administrators enforce a zero tolerance policy. They work closely with staff, students, families and people in the community. This has had a positive impact on our community as a whole, even promoting our school to conduct a fundraiser to build a well for a village in Africa.
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