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A very academically rigorous place and prepares you very well for STEM related majors. However, the administration has become increasingly controlling over school activities and school pride and happiness has decreased to almost nothing. Mr. Evancho is essentially carrying the school now and he's about to leave too.
The school has amazing research facilities and an incredibly supportive faculty, but it lacks resources. Many other schools in the district provide more opportunities about scientific competitions, etc. but this school fails to provide the same amount. Recently, more efforts have been made by faculty. There also needs to be a push for more arts in the school because it is very limited.
Could have been better, could have been worse. In the end, the ambitions of some capable students are hindered by their peers and a faulty administration. Finding the right people is key here. The school is quite small, so anything that happens will be known by practically all.
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If you love science and are looking to pursue a career in this field, Biotech is the perfect place to go to high school. The science teachers are so knowledgeable, approachable, and truly care for their students—and the same goes for most of the teachers as well. Although school spirit does lack due to the limited grade-wide events, students are definitely more collaborative than competitive. In addition, the lab facilities are state-of-the-art, especially the biology and tissue culture labs.
Biotechnology is a great school to learn time management and STEM. Heavy work load with both group and solo projects. Heavy emphasis on Biology. Great friends and staff. Learned a lot about how to manage my time with school work, homework and after school activities. All the after school activities are student managed with a teacher as an adviser. Many of these activities have their meetings during the lunch hour, so time management is a plus. Lunch hour is interesting in that many things are happening at once - eating, of course, is priority, but many students will practice an instrument or play ping pong. Just a real "downtime" time. Biotech is a very safe school and a great honor system. You don't have to lock your locker and you can leave your computer out, walk away from it , come back hours later, and it's still there, untouched. Overall, a great school to excel in as well as a very safe, secure environment.
Very science intensive and gives significant opportunities for students to advance within the field.
I loved my experience at Biotech. My freshman year, it was very difficult to adjust to the workload, but as I utilized my classmates and teachers I learned how to study and succeed. I made some of the most amazing friends that I can now call my family. This institution prepared me to the fullest extent for college. I especially loved how Biotech uses the IB program. It made me understand the information on a deeper level. Now at Vanderbilt University, I am so grateful that I spent my time at Biotechnology High School.
Biotech is an incredible experience if you love STEM classes. Even if you don't like science, this allows you to get a better understanding of what you want to do in the future. The labs are incredible, and I know alumni who say that they were almost "overprepared" for college. So, if you're willing to get a true scientific experience, apply here freshman year.
Mostly great teachers. Environment of biology, science, and research. The building is beautiful and has several science labs and lots of lab equipment. Many of the teachers are great mentors and supportive with college and career advice.
Teachers and fellow students are very nice and understanding. Students are very trustworthy, no one ever needs to lock their locker or be worried about thievery. There is a great community created with fellow students. You learn to support and lean on each other.
The administration is constricting. Little freedom is given to students. It is said that students can create clubs and organization, but proposed clubs are neglected by the administration. Most get closed down.
Little to no art/music in the curriculum. All art/music in life at BTHS is led by the students. All there is is an Arts and Entertainment club. Additionally, there is only ONE art related field trip.

Also, food is not that great, but it could be worse.

Upside, the bathrooms are REALLY nice
This is part of the Monmouth County Vocational School District. This is an IB high school. You will get the best education & be ready for college. The students are all highly motivated & self driven. The school has a small student population. There only approx 325 students for all grades.
Teachers care, administration inhibits student progress, IB is unnecessary. Absolutely horrific time.
Very good school, great people, sometimes problems but that'll be everywhere. happy I went. IB curriculum can be difficult but not much I can do about that.
It was a very challenging environment, this is good and bad. If you can handle a high pressure environment, they have all the resources to help you succeed in high school and the college application process. The school is very biology-research oriented. This school will prep you very well for any biology classes you take beyond high school. BTHS has a lot of resources that are usually only available in undergraduate level universities.
Biotech is a great high school that has an emphasis on the sciences. The labs are state of the art and everything is very new and modern. The harmony between the student body and the teachers are very prominent. There are a lot of fun activities both in and out of the school that is offered. While the grades may be small, everyone shows lots of spirit and working together to help each other out.
Great school! Great faculty, awesome lectures, cool science classes and labs, good counselors. I loved my time here. The cafeteria food was AMAZING. I learned so much from the IB classes. The busy work was so fun! I just love EEs and IAs!
I had a very good experience at Biotech. The academics definitely pushed my limits while at the same time teaching me about stress and time management the hard way. This is also when the IB (International Baccalaureate) program is formally introduced. The IB program is the only bad part of attending this school. In my opinion it is not explained well enough when first applying to the school, and by the time you realize that the IB program not very valuable and incredibly stress inducing, it is too late. The classes themselves are taught well by great instructors, however I have found assignments like CAS to either be limited in value, not explained well enough by guidance staff, or tedious to the point where most value it has is killed off. I was able to use 0 IB credits when registering for classes in university. I maintain that, even with IB, the incredible environment, challenging coursework, like minded classmates, and enthusiastic teachers made going to Biotech well worth it.
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Biotech is a great school for students who know they want to go into science. It is also a great place for kids to grow and learn about themselves.
I have highs and lows when it comes to Biotechnology HS. Although it is a STEM school, the administrators try to foster a school culture that allows students to express their abilities and talents. However, this fails in the eyes of other high schools that actually put time, attention, and effort in letting extracurriculars flourish. Additionally, Biotech states that the workload is manageable, however, it honestly isn't. While teachers are amazingly qualified and caring, many don't recognize the sheer amount of work they place on students. Students have volunteering, sports, extracurriculars, jobs, family and social lives to attend to, and many have to sacrifice to do school assignments. It's even worse for upperclassmen who have extra IB required assessments to attend to. After a while, the lackluster of Biotech fades and students realize that while they are in an academic-heavy environment, they are essentially in a sheltered community that isn't very reminiscent of reality.
Great education. Completely prepares students for college. But there is WAY too much homework/busy work. Very hard for kids to have a balanced life.
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