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Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School Reviews

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Bio-Med is a great school to go to if you're looking to prepare yourself for a future in STEM and academics. It's a lot harder than your average public high school but the teachers are fantastic and are always ready, willing, and more than capable of helping you with both school and life.
I am an 8th-grade student at this school. The teachers at this school always try to do hands-on learning. most of the teachers here do not like tests, but sometimes they have to do tests. This school loves to help out the community. This school also helps you get college-ready faster than most public and private schools. Biomed does not have sports, but you are allowed to do sports for your home school. as of 2020, they are adding in a 2nd and 3rd grade.
The best part about Bio-Med was by far the teachers and the community. The teachers here are very understanding and make this school have a unique community. Learning is fun and engaging but for anyone looking at careers outside of STEM or medical, they don't really offer support or classes for you to choose from. It also feels like the administration is only worried about protecting their image and will use certain students as poster children so they look better instead of congratulating the student.
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I like that Bio-Med gives students the opportunity to pursue their interests in Engineering and Science. However, outside of these fields, it does lack options.
Bio-Med Science Academy has been a wonderful experience overall. Getting to meet many people who come from different backgrounds with the same determination as you is a great experience. Being on a college campus with young and intuitive teachers has made the learning material much better and I feel very prepared for college. Being a school that is so heavily focused on academics and sciences, sports that I used to play was not an option so that is the only downfall.
This school has definitely prepared for college, the workforce, and life. The lessons I've learned at this school are invaluable and will continue with me for the rest of my life. There are so many opportunities I've earned at this school that I believe no other school could give me. The teachers are really dedicated to your success. The student body is very different, but also very accepting. This school has done the best it could with the resources it had.
Bio-Med Science Academy is a very great school for many reasons. They have gave me a better education compared to my old school Waterloo. They have taught me more than I could even imagine knowing about technology, personal agency, studying, going to your teachers, and time management.
Bio-Med Science Academy is a STEM school, which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. I love the way we are taught here a lot better than public schools. We learn a lot differently, and are taught in ways that prepare us for college. The teachers are very nice and engaging with their students. I personally admire each teacher that teachers here. Another thing that I like is that there is rarely any bullying, and bullying is taken seriously here.
The students are focused on learning. I like their approach to STEM education. Working on projects in groups helps students to learn collaboration skills. The canvas grading system does not always work well. They are working to correct the problems. Bio-Med had been a great experience. It is not your typical school and it provides me with a learning environment that fits how I learn.
I came to this school this year, and am in the 8th grade. It is a lot different than other public schools, such as it is not open enrollment. They are more involved and it helped me a lot more for everything to be mostly online, so do not have to ask teachers while they are teaching. The teachers are really nice and understanding with everybody, and try to make it as smooth for everyone as possible.
Good school, good for anyone who wants to be successful in life and wants to work hard. Not many athletes though, but makes up for it in personality. Teachers are great as well.
First coming in you have to be used to their way of schooling otherwise you may end up digging yourself into a hole. I wish they would easy new people into their way of doing things instead of throwing them in and expecting to know how to use their system. The teachers are nice and the people can be annoying but are otherwise fun to be around.
In my experience at Bio-Med, I have learned many life skills like personal agency and innovation that I may not have learned at a traditional school. We are a STEM+M-based learning school so we incorporate science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical components into all of our classes.
I enjoy the classes and the in-classroom teachers, but some of the faculty have a tendency to rub the students the wrong way. As well as that, a lot of the food seems to be lacking. They make up for it in having a lot of charismatic teachers and a fair student community.
Bio-Med is a great school, but it's not for everyone. It caters to a very specific learning style, and you have to be prepared to absolutely work your butt off. The community is amazing- I love almost all of the teachers I've had in my four years here.
Bio-Med is an incredible school and the community is always supportive. It is, however, a fairly new school and there are still a lot of kinks they're working out.
Bio-Med Science Academy is a very new and interesting school. I 100% am glad I went in comparison to my home district and home-schooling, but the school has a lot to improve on. I learned a lot and I am certainly prepared for college, but the workload can get so heavy and challenging that it became regular school culture to see people having mental breakdowns. I did make a lot of friends, the best friends I have ever had. The school has a high population of LGBTQ+ students and is fairly good about protecting them. Administration, in my opinion, is where things are dicey. The teachers, though, could not be more perfect. Nearly all of them are near and dear to my heart. Bio-Med is not for the faint of heart, but it's certainly an experience you will remember.
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This school is so different from normal schools but in the best way possible. You are always challenged which provides you with excellent problem solving skills. Finally the overall environment of the school is just great!
Bio-Med Science Academy is the best STEM school in Northeast Ohio. The teachers here really care about their students and their future. The LGBTQ+ community is supported and celebrated. The number of technologies and advanced processes the students are exposed to is amazing.
Good school but the profile is wrong they are expanding to 4th grade this year! Berry good the food is not great at lower academy the projects are hard but fun there are no sports which makes me sad but it’s worth the good education and I can’t wait to get into the high school it is much better the the lower academy
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