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Its a good school in total as they help you in general, the one thing I would like seen changed is how strict the teachers are and how some don't let you explore your creativity threw projects at times.
Billingsley High School is a small 1A school. I love the family feeling of all my
peers and teachers! Everyone knows everyone and we always have someone to talk to.
I liked my experience with my friends. The close knit atmosphere of a K-12th grade school made my friends and me very close. On the other hand, Billingsley being such a small school allowed for teachers to play favorites a lot more.
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I love that it's a small school , but I'm not too happy with a few of the teachers.the school lunch is not good , my daughter takes her lunch because the food is so bad. I like the fact that they offer the AP classes
Billingsley High School is one of those schools were teachers and students, really become a family. The Positive enviornment created by the amazing teachers, makes it easy for students to want to continue to always improve mentally,physically, and even spiritually.With so many amazing people attending Billingsey High School, we are constantly making a name for ourselves in the best way possible. Although Billingsley High School is in a very small town, and very few people believe that small town schools can lead to a prosperous future, we as the students never allow that statement to be true.With a steady number of students signing to go play college ball, go to colleges that have a name known across the U.S, or even join the work force. We are proving that Billingsley High School is in fact one of the best schools in Alabama to Attend.
I love that in this school, everybody knows each other. There is little to no hostility among the students and teachers. I like how it is such a small school that the teachers know the students personally and can connect to them on a personal level.
My experience at billinglsey high school has been thru changes of uplifting. By the way there's a person at every door greeting you ready to start the day. It's the best school in our county academic wise and family wise. They prepare you for college life and the real world.
The school building is in good condition, despite the students who have no respect for the building, others or themselves. The education provided is quality and the teachers are excellent.
The teachers are nice and respectful of the students and teach the topics required for completion of each course and for life.
It was a good experience. It provided an adequate foundation for my child's future.
We have great resources to students and we do a great job keeping things modern
We have great athletic programs, and we have gone very far in football, baseball and softball, which finished fifth in the state this year. We have great support from our fans and our students are very involved in pep-rallies
My school has many different types of people. We don't have a lot of diversion. We all kind of mix together with each other because of how long we have known each other. We tend to get really involved in anything that is going on. I have never experienced peer pressure at my high school however I'd be a fool to say it did not exist here. Acceptance is easy new people are always welcomed and generally not judged until you get to know them. We have a lot of boys and girls mixing as friends and as well as a lot of racial diversity.
Students knew what would happen if they got into trouble but they just didnt care
I had no idea how to study.
No AP classes were offered. The honors students took many of the same classes as students who were not honors. Students were given the chance to choose whether they wanted to be honors or not at the beginning of 7th grade. It was not based on test scores.
Many students saw clubs as a way to get out of some classes so the clubs were only interesting to very few. Many people did not care whether or not the club succeeded.
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We have a lot of student involvement. Probably close to half of the student body participates in the variety of sports programs that are available.
Our school is forced to serve only healthy foods, and amounts of food. What most people are used to eating on a normal basis is not close to the ration we receive. Most are still hungry, or bring their own. It is not because of our workers though, it is the federal requirements they have to meet.
I love this school, because of the closeness and quality of the teachers. We truly have one on one opportunities, and that is something that has really helped me learn. It is a great environment.
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