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I attended Big Spring High School for four years, to which I can say I have a well developed understanding of the school. The school has an excellent desire to increase their extracurricular presence within the district. Being apart of the Choir program within these four years, I can say with pleasure that BSHS provided me with the ability to be apart of an amazing program with well-rounded leadership and tight knit communal values.
From my high school experience, Big Spring High School was an excellent school. They offer AP and honors classes for the students who are eager to learn and up for a challenge. They also offer dual credit courses at Howard College for juniors and seniors. I have taken all of these classes and have loved everything about them. The teachers and college professors go above and beyond for their students to learn the material. They also have a handful of clubs that you can join. I was in art club for 1 year and interact club for 3 years. Overall, this school and the teachers I had have prepared me for my future!
My entire family and friends went to school here. As compared to other schools there’s just not enough resources for the students or parent involvement . Same group of parents and so much favoritism from the upper faculty and coaches
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I love the teachers and staff at Big Spring High School. They all have a heart to teach and they are all truly passionate about their job. One change I would like to see is more discipline.
I really like the teachers so far. We tend to get a lot of bomb threats, and the plumbing isn't great.
The school pride is wonderful but a lot of the kids are horrible. There is a fight every other week and we can't even use the restrooms because someone is always messing up the privilege. The teachers are really good unless they are a coach, which in that case they are suspect to favoritism. The athletic department has gone down as well. Since most of the students do not commit to school, the football team does not do very well. As for girls athletics, the coaches have too friendly relationships which cause favoritism.
Big Spring High School can be great if you meet the right friends and teachers. This school has a lot of drama and some of the teachers don't do an excellent job of trying to teach the students who want to be taught. The band and tennis team were kind to others and worked so hard to be the best they could be, and that made me proud to be apart of both of these organizations.
My experience pertaining to Big Spring High School has been a relatively positive one up to this point in time. The broad variety of classes that students can enroll in supplies the students with the tools they will need to be successful in life. Although a majority of the extra-curricular funding that is allotted to the school is advanced toward athletics, the academic teams that make up a great percentage of the student body are highly skilled due to the determination of students and teachers alike.
loved going to school at big spring high school. loved the teachers and students. I will miss playing softball and my friends at big spring high
After my long 4 years at Big Spring High School I have to say that it’s was a good educational environment that I was happy to experience it. I’ve learned many things from this school and I’m happy to give this an average rating.
Big Spring High School is a 4A high school in Big Spring, Tx. I really enjoyed my time there and met some of the coolest teachers.
Big Spring is a great school and can wait to finish college to come back and let my own kid enjoy it. Administration is so involved with the students and everyone cares for one another.
The school overall is an average place, some nice teachers and students. Although the teachers try their absolute best, the academic atmosphere is below average. The traditions are an amazing experience, and the sports are exciting events.
The experience here is 100% what YOU make of it. So pick the classes that will challenge you, but not to the point of failure. Don't get too involved in petty drama because it's the biggest waste of your time.
I attended Big Spring High School for all four years. It was a fun experience overall. Mr. Ritchey, the high school principal at the time, was very interactive and the school spirit that he had as well as the students was the best part. I give it 3 stars because it needs to be remodeled and rather than focusing on the sports, the school should pay attention to academics as well, such as the debate team or art club. Aside from that, it's a great school.
There is not many options when it comes to extracurricular activities. Besides sports (largest emphasis), academic or other UIL events are the next to be joined but only and handful of the student body. There is only support and recognition if the organization is brining back medals and trophies.
If I could do it all over I would choose this school without a second thought. My favorite experiences have mostly been sports related such as competing/traveling, bonfires, pep rallies and of course, football games. This school is unique because our diversities are what unite us. We embrace everyone and enjoy coming together. When I look back, I will remember the struggles with teachers and other faculty but the few good memories will outshine them.
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The teachers at our school have either taught for generations, fresh out of college or have to teach because they are coaches. The most approachable teachers are usually the coaches because they are younger and know most of the student body. Teaching styles vary and in-depth teaching is not a normal method. There are a few diamonds in the rough and some of which I have had the privilege of being taught by and will be close with into my adulthood.
The overall experience at this school was all right. The only great thing this school has is it sports and band programs. The academic program in this school is at a all time low.
I did feel a bit unprepared for college, especially in the sciences, which are at a much more intense level than anything in science classes in high school.
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