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Overall, attending Beverly high has been a very positive experience. The teachers care about their students and there are many opportunities to get involved in school activities.
BHS has a lovely amount of clubs and sports, that will keep your days fulfilled. But beyond that, teachers seem to lose focus and interest in what their students need towards the end of the year.
Somehow still have a teacher on staff who said the n word hard r in front of a whole class of students twice and her excuse was “I’m from New York I pronounce every syllable”. I have felt unsupported and unimportant my two years of going there and feel like I can never catch a break from something happening that upset me.
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As a junior in high attending Beverly High School, I could say I had an amazing experience with both the faculty as well as the students. Everyone cares about each other and includes everyone. The school stresses respect, responsibility, friendship, and most importantly Family. I not only had memorable moments with students but the faculty and teachers. The teachers treat everyone as if we were their own. When I had stressful days, my teachers would take the time to talk it all out. There are also so many fun activities like the fall pep rally which is something many freshmen look forward too, semi-formals, proms, sport pasta parties with teammates, games like basketball games, football games, hockey games. I made so many new friends throughout the 3 years at Beverly High School and I wish I could relive those moments and memories I made with everyone. I couldn't be any luckier with the school I went too. I am so proud that I can call myself a panther. Once a Panther,Always a Panther.
Beverly High School was a very including school. They are constantly promoting clubs/, activities, and other extracurricular events. The teachers are very kind and help the students as much as they can with succeeding in school and in other aspects of life.
Honestly, a wonderful school. I was really scared switching from private to public school my freshman year but I’m really happy I did. The teachers and staff are extremely dedicated and professional
Beverly High School is a good school to prepare yourself for what you plan on doing after high school. Students can either graduate prepared to go into the work field or to continue their education at college.
Beverly High is a very excellent school! I have been going there now for three years, and I have no regrets. I will forever be a Beverly Panther! The only big problem with this school is the vaping in the bathrooms. It's hard to avoid the smoke, especially during lunch. Also, the CP classes are not really that great, mainly because of the kids that take it (but not all of them, of course!). It just seems usually with those classes the teachers get fed up a lot more easily. The honors classes are a lot better, and so are the AP class. Our school spirit is fantastic, especially during the pep rallies and on any game day. It also has the most loving and caring teacher, it sounds cliché but it's true.
I have attended Beverly High School for the past three years. Beverly High School has given me my bestfriends, atheletics, MCJROTC, a great education and most of all, a high school expierence I will never forget.
I love the people and how helpful everyone is. There is never a time we’re you are alone because there is always a teacher or student around that you can ask for assistance wether you need help with your homework or finding a classroom. They make you feel welcome and safe in this environment. You with always have a helping hand that will support you in whatever you need. As well as support they also offer many clubs and sports that may interest you. There is something for everyone wether it is basketball, volleyball, or even guitar club. Variety of options to choose from in this community
Beverly High is what you make of it. Some teachers (particularly in the science department) really go above and beyond to ensure that students learn as much as they can, whereas others can be a little too relaxed. The music department is a fantastic community, and opting to join it in any way will certainly improve your experience at BHS.
My experience with Beverly High School has been pretty good, the teachers are fairly nice and the building itself is also really nice.
Beverly High School was, to put in small words, an eye-opening learning experience. Not only did the students and staff help me to realize my potential, they helped me to seek out my weaknesses. It's often said that weakness is a direct correlation to something bad or something that drags somebody down. However, BHS was quick to help me utilize those weaknesses to strengthen my understanding of unknown concepts and open the door to strengths I didn't know I had. Although Beverly High School did a stupendous job at trying to implement school community as a large part of student and staff lifestyle, I would like to see them open the doors to more student opinion on academic matters. I would like to see a little more consistency in the grading policy as it varies from class to class. All in all though, Beverly High School provided me with all the tools and skills that make me feel assured and fulfilled on my way to college.
I loved my high school. There were so many great extracurricular activities to choose from and a wide variety of electives to take. Because I was able to take business classes in high school (and as early as sophomore year) I was able to figure out that I wanted to pursue a career in business so early on!
Average is probably the best way to describe BHS. I have had a good experience here but it is what I would expect of most high schools. There are a few exceptional teachers I have had along the way but it seems like most of the teachers have stopped enjoying their profession. The apple laptop program is good and I received an adequate education here but something is missing in the energy that can not simply be fixed by the forced campaign "be best, be better, be Beverly".
Overall a great school. Teachers are helpful and for the most part reasonable. Easy to get classes that you want to take as there are so many classes to chose from. Sports are really valued and competitive, and there are many clubs to chose from. The building is fairly new so it's pretty and there is plenty of free parking, and really good facilities for music and sports. I think the best part of this school is their laptop program, so every student leases their own mac book air over the four years, and if you want to keep it after graduation you pay like $1 once the lease is over and it's yours. For students that can't afford or choose not to lease/buy a laptop, there are plenty of loaners that students can use in class if they are needed for a lesson or assignment. Overall, for a public school, it is a high quality education, it's diverse, and safe! You can most definitely make a great high school experience here.
Overall, this high school thrives in its academics and its willingness to embrace new extracurriculars. However, it puts most of its emphasis on the science and math departments as well as the football team. There are plenty of interesting electives to choose from, but they are all taught by non-qualified teachers who've never professionally studied the topic in their life. Furthermore, several of the teachers have no other qualification for being there besides being an alumnus. While there are so many after school activities and programs like music, student participation is terribly low most likely due to smartphones, vape nation, and the pressure to take more AP classes than needed.
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HORRIBLE! This school is an actual joke. I'm currently in college and I have to say it DID NOT PREPARE me at all for college. We sit on our laptops all day long, students coudn't care less about work, instead they're watching movies not paying attention, 50% of my classes were teachers yelling at students to stop talking and get off their laptops. WAY too much use of laptops. The privilege of laptops was very abused. If this school wants to prepare people, I suggest you have students take notes instead of staring at computers all day long, it's a shame honestly.
It has a nice environment, helpful staff and faculty- honestly it's really just average. Classes are alright, teachers do try to help out as much as they can- as long as you show that you're trying of course. The cafeteria food is terrible so most students just brings their own lunch, sports and clubs are a significant part in this highschool but in my opinion lack potential. Most students only join these sports and organizations for the credit rather than the passion.
Class time is 84 minutes and meets every other day. Gives the student enough time to participate in sports, music or extracurricular activities.
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