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Substandard academics compared to other private schools in the area. My child had already covered much of what was taught a year earlier elsewhere and his friends at another private school are well ahead of his grade at BCA. Many teachers and administrators have passive aggressive personalities and can make the school environment debilitating and discouraging. There is almost a cult like atmosphere here and parents who express concerns or question the bizzare behaviors of "pillars", teachers or coaches are met with nodding heads and blank stares. The athletics suffer from some truly unqualified "coaches", some of whom are down right abusive in my opinion to young students/athletes. Like the teachers, there is no accountability for their behaviors. I can not think of a single reason to recommend this school. There are better private schools spiritually, academically and athletically elsewhere. Stay far away!
Bethlehem Christian academy is very good. i like the family atmosphere but, sometimes it feels a little to small. it is also severely underfunded with sports and facilities. but i love the people and they would make anyone want to go there.
Going to BCA has felt like going to school with family. I have received an excellent education and been able to play football, basketball, and baseball.
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I like the academics and how they prepare us for college.I wish there was more of a diversity ,but it is in a small town.
I grew up going to public school. When I got to high school, I thought I would tackle the school the same way as always: ready to go down if necessary but expecting to re-emerge unscathed. However, I drowned. So, sophomore year, I transferred to BCA. I was blown away by the gulf-sized distance between the two schools. People were so friendly, but I was so conditioned to the dog-eat-dog way of my old school that I reacted with actual fear, wondering what these kids wanted from me and if I was secretly being made fun of. Thankfully, they were genuine.

At BCA, teachers work as hard to be involved in students' lives as their parents do to be involved with BCA. However, I do miss some things from public school. BCA is located in a fairly rural, very white part of Georgia where it is rare to see any minorities. I miss the diversity, and I want to change my school’s lack of cultural awareness. BCA is very loving, but I see lots of ignorance about minorities, and it hurts my heart.
Incredible school environment! Faculty and staff of the school truly want to see students excel in all areas of their life- academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically! The Spirit is so evidentially present on campus. 2 of my kids graduated from BCA, and one is still a student there. They are proud Knights and love the school!
The teachers are great they love their jobs and you can tell. They all care so much for their students and want the students to succeed.
We may not have many activities to do but everyone gets a opportunity to try them. The Bible study group has to be one of my favorites during lunch on certain days we meet with a teacher and talk.
The teachers honestly care for the students and want the students to succeed. Majority are really good teachers and love teaching and you can see that in their work. There are a few who have trouble getting grades in right away but it is understandable since they have so many students and when they get home they want to spend a little time with their families.
We may not have all the same activities as big schools but we have more opportunities to join the activities.
Majority of the teachers honestly care for the students and want the students to succeed.
Don't know much about this
Few activities. Few sports. This area needs great attention
It's ok at best. They sell themselves as a living environment. I e not been seeing this lately. I think this school is struggling financially and it is apparent to kids and parents
Many teachers at the high school level clearly do not enjoy their jobs. Several have complained to my child about their salaries
You know everyone not just people in your grade.
Most of the teachers I had over my many years were amazing. I did, however, run into a couple of teachers that often did not do the best as they could have. I had a teacher that often assigned 1,000-2,000 word essays as busy work. The essays would be submitted and each student would receive a 100. The main problem with this teacher was that he expected the students to put in all of their effort when he did not. He claimed that we had the "worst case of senioritis" that he had seen. He also had a bad case of senioritis. The school could easily remedy this by enforcing a "no busy work" policy. I understand that some busy work is necessary. However, if the work that is done is actually graded for an accurate grade, the situation would be improved.
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Due to the fact that my school is not state sponsored, the money for anything must be raised from the student body and their families. Therefore, we are growing slowly. New technologies are added yearly, and used to their full potential. The school building were built within the past 10 years and are well equipped to house students. I got spoiled while I was dual enrolling. My university offered Galileo to each student through the library. A student simply had to log in with their student ID to have access to thousands of resources. I would prefer that my school had this opportunity as well. We did, however, add a database similar to Galileo, but I have not used it. Parents are involved in the school because they must pay for tuition, since it is a private school. Busses are only available for sports and field trips.
I feel very safe and comfortable while at school. There are few problems among students, but they are handled well and efficiently. These problems are simply verbal or physical fights. The discipline often result with in school suspension.
I love the school board! The administrators are excellent! Their policies are well thought out and enforced. I feel that the school needs more than one high school guidance counselor though. She has much to do, and very little time to do that work. Towards the end of the year, graduation, she became swamped with work. Important questions, such as transcripts and final grades, were often put on hold for some time before she was available. Many people in each department would be best for the employees of the school and the students.
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