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Bethlehem Central Senior High School Reviews

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Decent teachers, enough AP classes, good engineering/CS, and decent sports. Students here are motivated, and are usually well-rounded. Many students get admitted into prestigious universities every year, and it is a well-respected school.
I really like the education part. I think I'm getting a good education. However, we aren't allowed to go anywhere during free periods except the cafeteria and library so what's the point of free periods. There's so many rules. They claim they are looking out for our better interest but I don't feel that's true.
A wide variety of advanced placement classes, room to exceed expectations, supportive guidance counselors, excellent instructors.
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Lockdown drills should be taken more seriously, but under the new principal the arts department has been taken a lot more seriously than it used to.
It is a great school both academically and socially. The faculty members in this school are very nice. The school well prepares you to move on to college. Not only education, after school activities such as sports and clubs are offered. Ethnic diversity of the students. You get to feel different culture and traditions inside the school.
The community of teachers is average, some being very good and others being very poor. The students are very welcoming, though, and I haven't seen any situations where someone has been outcast by a group.
I loved the school atmosphere and going to all of their sporting events. This school was a great high school to be able to attend for four years.
My experience at Bethlehem has been great, I'm part of both music and sports and all of my teachers are very helpful in showing me how to get things done right. My coaches are all really nice and have lead me down a successful path as well.
I moved to Bethlehem mid Sophomore year. From the start of my transition to a much bigger school the teachers were willing to help ease the adjustment and transition process in any way possible. The staff were always very friendly and willing to help and I made new friends within weeks of moving. The overall transition was a great success, I now have many more friends and the staff/faculty is just as helpful as ever. I can say that come graduation I will be able to look back with a positive experience at Bethlehem Central.
The teachers and staff were all very supportive and helpful with all students, and they put a lot of effort into helping the more troubled kids with enforcing rules and checking in constantly.
After graduating and starting my college career, I realized how lucky I was to attend a school as focused on academics and academic diversity as BCHS. We have such a wide variety of classes that are taught at a college level. I still use my high school notes for college classes now whenever the professor doesn't explain things clearly and my friends are surprised to see how detailed and in depth my notes are due to how much we learn in class at BCHS.
Really prepared me well for college. Sports are great and being part of a team really made the experience even better. Very easy to have good relationships with lots of teachers. Not very diverse
Bethlehem had fantastic academics, though it was lacking in administrative support and extracurricular activities, particularly athletics.
Lots of classes offered, workload may be sometimes overwhelming, but overall wide selection of classes.
Everyone is very accepting and there are many social circles, so it's not hard to find somewhere to fit in.
A grand variety of High-quality clubs that may even be nationally recognized (like History Bowl and Science Bowl).
I love Bethlehem and all the people here. Its fun to meet new people and the school has a warm and accepting environment.
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Teachers are generally excellent and provide you with everything you need to know and beyond.
This school is extremely cliquey and it can be very hard to make friends
The school takes great care in making sure everybody who enters the building is safe and not a threat to the students
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