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There is absolutely nothing I would change about Bethel High school. It is such a great environment! Everyday I would wake up ready for school because it is so amazing. It wasn’t just a school, it was my second home. The teachers are like your bestfriends/ role models and your classmates are like siblings. Not a lot of people can say that because they go to big school but that’s the benefit of going to a small school, you know everyone. I can even count how many great memories I’ve made in the past 4 years there! But each and every one has a special place In my heart. I hate that my year got cut short but I’m so thankful for all the memories I’ve made and it makes me cherish them just a bit more.
Bethel is a very tight-knit community with a high standard for academic excellence and encourages its students to always exceed expectations. I just graduated this year and I will miss everyone at this school, from the incredibly hardworking teachers who care so much for their students, to my classmates who over the past 13 years that I've gone to this school I have grown very close to. I will cherish all the memories I've made here and I hope other students will make the most of their time there and enjoy it because it's a great school.
I love how it’s a big school but it’s still small at the same time. I get a lot of benefits for it being small such as more friends, better relationships with teachers and an easier learning.
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Small town school yet close to everything! Great teacher, coaches, and staff. High academic standards. Family atmosphere.
Bethel High School is certainly the best choice for any high schooler that lives in Potowattomie County, Oklahoma. It can be very difficult learning sometimes because of our limited resources; textbooks are very limited, as well as class library book sets. Despite the individual problems within the school, it greatly impacts those who step foot in the doors.
Nice, small school with teachers who care and really try to help you succeed without just throwing a grade at you. Not much diversity in classes, but there are several clubs, some sports, and opportunities to get involved in the community. Over all a nice school.
Bethel is a great school, the teachers care, are very helpful and actually love being at the school. The class sizes are great, I feel like that helped the most that their wasn't 40 people in one class. Altogether the school is amazing.
Bethel is a very small community. Everyone knows everyone and I like that. It is a very personal experience and it is difficult to see from the outside. Most of us have grown up together and it feels like one big family, so graduation is always a saddening event. I love how involved every student is with things like homecoming games, prom planning, PROWL-SADD parties, football games. All of it. We are not a big school, but we are a united school. I only have one complaint. Our school is just not wealthy enough to provide the advanced education we all strive for. Our books are old and worn, our technology is unreliable, and overall, we are just behind.
I generally am an optimistic person so I may not be seeing my school in a neutral light but my experience last year as a student was very fun. The school and its accompanying resources, attitude, services, and facilities are all pretty meh. The student body and a decent portion of the staff are the great part. The student body is an interesting bunch with all of their own stories so it was great getting to know people last year. Most of my teachers were passionate about their field made sure we all knew that. It was fun getting to know them as well. Overall, it was fun Bethel. Let's do it again!
I absolutely loved Bethel. I had many teachers who pushed me to do my absolute best and spent extra time with me when needed to understand a certain concept. The school is small enough that everyone knew everyone and that gave it such a "home away from home" feeling.
As a music student, I greatly enjoyed our successful music programs at Bethel. However, our sports teams are not good at all. Last year we only won two games...and that was a wonderful season for us!
Wonderful!!!! I couldn't say enough good things about this school. It may be in the middle of nowhere but that doesn't stop the staff and student from trying to be the best that they can be. Our motto is: Achieving Excellence in a School of Excellence
The faculty are some of the kindest people ever, but the courses are not rigorous. Sports are horrible as well as the food. But this school is the best in pott county.
Overall my experience was really positive at Bethel. I love the small community feeling and how the teachers will build personal relationships with the students. I do feel that the education can be improved in most classes, and that the rules should be loosened a little bit.
Bethel is a great school. The teachers all care about each student and are all very easy to talk to. It is very easy to get involved in many different activities at Bethel. The only bad part about Bethel is that there is not very much money in the budget to help out all the different clubs and sports.
Bethel High School is a great school with amazing teachers. They do very well despite the budget cuts that Oklahoma is facing. Bethel is a very rual town; therefore, the class sizes are small and the teachers spend one-on-one time with student who are struggling. One negative about going to a smaller school is that there are not very many class options to choose from and there are very little advanced placement courses available. Overall, Bethel High School is a wonderful school with small class sizes and great teachers.
Bethel High School has a fantastic, well-rounded atmosphere. A diverse student population is welcoming to new students, and clubs and organizations unite the student body as a whole. Teachers are hands-on and understanding; class is enjoyable and informative. I would recommend Bethel High School to those yearning for a small school (but not tooooo small) with a close-knit feel. Go Wildcats!
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Bethel has been getting more and more clubs and organizations together to help all kinds of students soar. I think that these groups have helped a lot of students who may not have a good home life to feel like a part of something big. These clubs and organizations have already brought a lot of students together, and in the future will probably unify the school even more.
Maybe it is because of the fact that this is a small school in a small, friendly town, but Bethel High School has some of the best teachers that I could imagine. In every class I took, I never felt afraid of a teacher, always felt respected, and I recieved help whenever I needed it. They helped me stay on the right track in high school, and were always forgiving when they knew how busy I was with school activities and clubs and couldn't finish all of the homework sometimes. The student's also could experience more one on one time with their teachers because there were only about 10 to 20 of them in a classroom at a time. Plus, the music teachers at Bethel High School are so caring for their students, just like many other teachers at the High School. Overall, I am glad that I was able to be a part of each and every teachers class at Bethel.
I have enjoyed every year at Bethel High School!
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