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When i first attended i was nervous scared of what kids will say , or will teacher actually care about my education but , no i was all wrong. betesda christian school was the best place to learn , live , laugh , love. a place where you could get away from drama in today's life. the teachers help you understand problems you can't figure , they love you unconditionally and wants nothing but , success and happy life for you. the administration team works hard for students to be safe and to be happy whatever it is i went through in life the admisntraion team help me through it. even though the school is small but it's very roomy for kids to get around. betesda was the best school i ever attended and is leading me to accomplish goals i never thought i could reach. unfortunately I will be graduating june 2 2017 it's been almost 10 years being in that school was the best thing my parents ever put me in. I will be attending miami dade community college to major in nursing.
School safety is grade there is always someone around to much over students, and prevent any buying or unsafe behavior
My favorite experiences were the preachings at the chapel. This school is unique because it includes biblical learning. I would choose this school again because it helped me grow as a student and a person, and taught me to be the best person I can be.
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Teachers are very understanding to students needs, and way of learning. They understand that some students take more tI me than others to comprehend certain school lessons.
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