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The willingness to help the students achieve their goals. The school quit their stem program after her 10th grade and did away with honors classes. I feel that if they had of continued she could’ve been more prepared for college and gotten a higher gpa. She was 10 th in her class.
I like my school because it has some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. I love my school because the company is great. The teaching staff offer a lot of support, our facilities are good, our standard of learning is excellent. I would make separate areas for kids of different ages, then there would be less bullying from older kids towards younger kids.
At Bertie High it feels like a family there, of course we have bad days too, but overall this school has helped shape my future.
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When I attended Bertie STEM High School my experience was pretty good. We had a robotics club and a Gaming Club. Some things that I would like to see change in Bertie STEM is more Art classes and more activities within the program to better prepare the students for college.
My experience at bertie stem high school has its pros and cons. COming in as a freshman was very challenging because I wasn't use to the environment, but everyone knew me because I am a athlete and they have seen me play. Over the course of my high school years it became easier to adapt to the environment because I know more students and the teachers are cool and always willing to stay over to help. The worst thing about bertie stem is the amount of clubs available and the cafeteria food. MOst of the females act like males and that's another bad thing. If i could start high school over I probably would, but i would most definitely do my senior year over because i wasn't able to play sports because of my acl injury and i am still recovering from it.
Teachers at Bertie STEM are very knowledgable in their field of study. Not only do teachers give a quality of education to students, but develop students into leaders by applying classroom material to real world experiences.
I like small class sizes and the individual attention. I wouldn't chose this school again because it doesn't offer courses related to STEM. It offers a lot of general courses.
This school is very unique. There are a variety of students and staff here and I love it. The marching band is AMAZING and there are many diverse majors here that any one can apply for. I have enjoyed myself here thus far.
The food services aren't horrible but could definitely get better. Somedays the food is better than others but everyone receives free lunch this year so that helps everyone out a little.
The overall safety at Bertie is pretty good. In my four years of being there, nothing has really happened but I know if it did the officers and such would take care of us.
The teachers at my school are usually very helpful. They try to teach you the best they can and if you don't understand something they will help you until you can master the concept.
The administration at my school for the most part is helpful. My principle will try to do almost anything she can to help you out. My guidance counselor on the other hand is not as helpful.
Band was a great activity after school, even though we didn't have much funds, our band teacher did as much as he could to let us compete against other schools and have competitions or outside site of other bands.
It was not the best school, however, you will learn!
The social scene of this school is very lively.
The uniform policy hasn't been a serious problem at Bertie STEM HS but the policy has been a concept that I haven't understood yet. The principal and counselor of this school are very helpful.
The teachers at Bertie STEM HS are generally great guides. They are highly educated in their subjects.
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Bertie STEM HS is based on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This school offers college ready classes and also all honors classes.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are highly qualified. Clubs and activities at this school aren't only in the school, the are also performed outside of school. Extracurricular such as band has participated in state activities. Our school opportunities prepare us to be college ready and builds our collaboration skills.
Bertie STEM tried to go all healthy eating and I do not feel as if it worked. When you go to the cafeteria you only have two options of a main course and then you can get a salad or peaches of something of that nature. They do not sell snacks anymore and you have an option of juice, milk, strong lemonade, or tea to drink. I think that this school could do a lot better when it comes to food.
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