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Bernardo Heights Middle School Reviews

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Its a good school. I might recommend. I go here currently and love almsot all my teachers. Science is getting pretty hard though, and the school is the not the cleanest.
One thing that stood out to me about Bernardo Heights Middle School was the teachers/staff there. Most of my teachers were flexible to work with me outside classroom time to help me understand the material. The lunch duty staff was very friendly and always made sure everyone was being safe. One thing I'd like to see change about Bernardo Heights Middle School are more computers put into the library since most computer labs were reserved for classes.
We have our last child at BHMS. They have all enjoyed the school very much. Teachers are wonderful and the administration is also great and very receptive to communication with parents and students alike. Many different clubs and activities for kids to join in to feel as if they are part of their school community. BHMS has been an amazing experience for all of our kids.
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Bernardo Heights Middle School was a great school in both academics and sports. Although the class sizes were large the teacher made sure to give equal opportunities to all students. What I liked the most about the teachers was the enjoyment they showed teaching and that they were always happy to answer any questions you had. During school I felt like I was in a safe environment and made sure all students knew what to do in case of an emergency. The variety of sports the school offered was great, there was an activity for everyone to try and/or play. Considering the fact the school was in a diverse area, bullying was not an issue students had to worry about. Everyone had a group of friends outside of classes and your own friends in the classes shared with other classmates. Overall Bernardo Heights Middle School is a wonderful school to attend.
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