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My experience over the last years at berkner were interesting. Over all it was a good school, diverse crowd of teachers and students. I would change the way that the administrators see the students.
I really loved how involved and committed the teachers were to seeing to the success of the students. They cared more than just academics, at least the teachers I had did and I'm grateful for that. For changes, the cafeteria food could be better and fuller in quantity.
Throughout my 4 Years of Attending Berkner Through the good and bad it’s been a memorable and unforgettable experience in my life. From the loud cramped hallways to all the pep rally’s and events.I have built many friendships and bonds at this school, and learned so many life lessons. I’ve been pushed to do better I’m going to make sure I do my best.
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i truly love this school with all my heart the teachers and staff here just want to see the students succeed
Berkner is one of the finest highschools in Dallas Country truly. From the expertise of the music program to the decorum of the school- it's just stunning. I wouldn't trade my experience for Berkner ever. It's one of the most diverse schools in the state and you really can meet so many people with different experiences here. Everyone has a place at Berkner and everyone is welcomed. Go Rams!!
It's not a bad school by any means, it's just that the students here can be really annoying and there are a lot of fights in school.
I loved the experiences I made with friends and the bond I grew with a lot of my teachers. I miss Friday Night Lights and making memories with friends that I'll have forever.
Berkner High School is a very big school. What I like about Berkner is that it is welcoming all students of many different backgrounds and ethnicities. It is a diverse school in which students get along with each other. I wouldn't ask for a change in Berkner but I would like it to always keep on improving. Last year Berkner became a Stem Academy school which is a great improvement. #GO RAMS
From my four years at L.V. Berkner High School, I have seen many good and bad things from my experience going there. I liked how the administrators and staff always did a good job of trying to make every student feel safe and important to the campus. If I had to make a change at this campus, I would want the academic help to be stronger. Students who struggled more were able to get help but not enough in my opinion. Tutoring needed to be highlighted and acknowledged more often.
Although my experience has been great. The administration needs to try and connect more with the students. Rather than trying to change the school culture and what it stands for. Yes, the school is named after Lloyd V. Berkner, who was known for physics and engineering. But, that does not mean that the majority of the student body likes those types of electives. The administration also make it very difficult for students trying to get out of those electives. Overall, the school is great, but there are many things that the administrators are failing to do.
BHS has some of the best teachers. The teachers really care about your education and well being. The school principal is the best. She cares about every kid in school and shes very helpful when asked. Berkner just got renovated and it looks amazing. The school clubs are amazing as well especially the IMPACT club where we focus om community service and leadership training.
I love that the teachers and staff help the senior like me who don't know really what to do and who have limited money to apply to colleges as well as help them look for scholarships so they don't have to be stuck with debt in the future . I also love how nice all the teachers are here.
I spend 4 years at Berkner High School. All of my teachers were very supportive and amazing. Being able to say that I am an alumni from what is now a STEM academy brings me joy. I don't think I would change anything about this high school, just because I had a great experience here.
Berkner High School is a STEM school that can help many students if they choose to have those opportunities given to them. The school itself is decent with its STEM extension and many other opportunities for preparing students into the real world. Like any other high school, it's about how you make the experience to be.
What I like about Berkner High school is that it's a very good and safety school the teachers are good they teach very well. They are there for you whenever you need them if you are not available on their tutoring time you can talk to them and they can stay after school or whenever you need too. They are always their to support you so you can get your grade up they want you to succeed. Berkner is soon to become a stem academy which is going to be much better and its going to look good on them and the students because they are going to learn more about different things, and also when they apply to colleges
I personally love Berkner, the student population is very diverse and i feel everyone would find a place where they fit in well. Most of the teachers I've had are very understanding, considerate, and are good at what they they, but I can honesty say not all of them are like that. The prison like safety system they have enforced recently, which is a huge burden on most of the school has been a big thumbs down, but overall the school itself isn't that bad.
I like Berkner High school diversity. Openness about opportunity fo minorities is very excellent. Many teachers are helpful and have strong ,meaningful connections with their students. The staff population is also very diverse which help student relate to them more. I would like Berkner high school to improve on their school spirit and overall spreading information efficiently.
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its been very good to me and what ive accomplished here is amazing ive been on the supper sac team band and avid and ive been able to be in stem
I loved the learning environment of Berkner, i feel like it really helped me progress as a student and as an individual. Without the experiences i gained at Berkner High School i wouldn't be the individual i am today
The teachers in berkner are very friendly and are a joy to be around the only people I would have would be the students
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