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Berkeley Preparatory School Reviews

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Berkeley Prep is an awesome school and culture. My academic environment has been incredible and supportive. I think it’s the top high school in Tampa.
I love Berkeley Preparatory School for its academics. I know the teachers are passionate about teaching and strive to do the everything in their power for their students to succeed. That being said, Berkeley is very challenging but challenging in a way that strengthens students and prepares us in the best way for college. I feel the most prepared I could ever be for my future and I believe that is because of my teachers.
I enjoyed my time at Berkeley, and definitely gained much from the experiences there. It might have changed since I attended, but I would still recommend it.
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Berkeley is a great college preparatory school! The college counselors are extremely helpful and very experienced.
I love the challenge that my school offers me. I have the opportunity to take very challenging courses and involve myself in numerous, various and immersive extracurricular activities. The faculty, not just the teachers, are highly supportive and fantastic resources. My peers produce positive challenges for me and invite me to participate in their successes.
I love Berkeley Preparatory School, very much because it gives me many opportunities to be involved and prepared me well for college. I am a rising senior and through my three years I have been extremely involved in sports, clubs and activities. Not only can everyone get involved but the teachers are extremely hands on with many different tutoring session during lunch. The lunch is amazing and the all around campus is unbelievable. I love to go to school here.
It was a good school to receive an amazing education and graduate from. It was a community based school that almost seemed like a home away from home. I also thought the diversity within the school was pretty good compared to a lot of other local schools.
At Berkeley I feel more prepared for any test that comes my way. Thanks to my teachers that I meet with during FLEX (study hall) I am able to finish my quizzes and tests on time.
I love my school for how much they prepare us for college and beyond. All of my teachers are truly passionate and down to earth and go out of their way to ensure each student is satisfied. Aside from academics, Berkeley Prep has taught me time management, responsibility and many more important life skills.
Home to a well trained administration, this school offers excellent teachers who are very engaged, willing to give extra time, and challenging. The facilities and campus are beautiful and safe.
Berkeley is a the top private school in the Tampa Bay area. New improvements and buildings are fantastic. Resources and individual student attention from teachers are unmatched. Great experience overall.
Berkeley Preparatory School has become one of the best things that has happened to me. I am so grateful to be able to go to a school with such care for the students, and their incredible strive for the students’ success. Each and every faculty member gets to know all of their students, which makes Berkeley a safe and welcoming environment—that many other schools cannot provide. I am very proud to call myself a Berkeley buccaneer, and I guarantee you will too!
Terrific school! I love everything about it and all that it does for me. I like Berkeley very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much.
Berkeley Preparatory School is probably the best school in the Tampa Bay Area. What they lack in diversity and school spirit they make up for in academics and teachers.
We've had 2 children here. One for 4 years now at BU and about to graduate. Another in middle school still. Both our kids love BPS and genuinely loved attending class there. The teachers are fantastic, the organization amazing, and rigor challenging would be an understatement. On top, they encourage arts, athletics, and music, foreign language, most of it mandatory for a few years which is smart. Thrilled to have had a school like this in our area.
I am a rising senior at Berkeley Prep and have really enjoyed my last three years here. There is little doubt that Berkeley offers the most rigorous academics of any private school in the area and Berkeley consistently sends its graduates to some of the best colleges in the nation, including many Ivy League schools and other top 20 schools. The facilities are comparable to a small college and the sports programs are consistently ranked in the top of their conference. Teachers are for the most part excellent and always available to students. The only negative is a lack of parking!
I love Berkeley Prep. The school is amazing. Everything about it from education to the teachers to the sports and to the environment. The teachers are more than willing to help and will go out of the way to help if you ask for it. The facilities of the school are top notch and just continue to get better as they renovate and make more and more buildings. The environment is extremely friendly and all people get along.
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Berkeley Preparatory school has great academics and diversity. The cafe is great and teachers are always open for extra help. I do wish for the Berkeley culture to be less cliquey.
Berkeley Preparatory School creates a wonderful learning environment for all students. The teachers care about the success of their students and are always willing to help outside of the classroom. Being at Berkeley has made me a better student and has prepared me for the next steps in my life.
I went to Berkeley Preparatory School for twelve years and without it I would not be the adult I am today. The teachers really care about you and the curriculum is challenging. I would highly recommend Berkeley Prep to anyone looking for a private school in Tampa Bay.