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Berean Academy is a small private school that is centered around giving students a strong biblical education. The class size in high school ranges from 20-30 students, giving each student the necessary one-on-one time with the teachers. The school promotes an atmosphere of trust and security as well as providing quality education. The music and sport programs are conducted by men and women that have a comprehensive knowledge of their fields, which gives students a chance to prosper. Berean Academy is an excellent choice of a school because it not only provides students with a strong education but also because it gives students a rare biblical foundation for life.
My family has been affiliated with Berean Academy for as long as I can remember and it has always had a big impact on what we have chosen to base our time around and our activities. Although the experience overall has been good, the student body has not been encouraging or positive for my personal well-being. It has a negative environment, which is sad coming out of a Christian school. Academically it is challenging which is a good thing, and the sports and music program are also stellar. But friendships feel/felt forced.
Our family has been blessed to be a part of the family at Berean Academy! Berean offers quality biblically integrated education and has helped us prepare our children for life. The faculty and staff at Berean are very caring and want to see each student succeed not only academically, but spiritually as well. They truly model Christ-likeness in their teaching. Parents are also encouraged to take an active role in the lives of their children at Berean and have many opportunities to get involved. Being a family that lives outside the Elbing area, we are thankful for the bus service that is offered for families in Sedgwick, Harvey, Butler and Marion counties. Christian schooling helps parents in their efforts to raise children who have a strong desire to love and serve Jesus Christ. This is why we love Berean Academy!
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Very supportive staff and teachers. Excellent curriculum. I feel prepared for my college career. Excellent school. Tuition is high, but they do a good job of offering grants to those in need.
A great school to get a grounded Christian based education. Although it is small, it allows for good teacher to student relationships to form. Faculty cares about your well being as well as your education. The athletic and music programs are very strong.
Berean Academy is a joyful, life-giving place to attend to school. Because of the strong Christian atmosphere the teachers care deeply about the lives of all the students and they teach with excellence, hoping to grow the students academically and spiritually. Because Berean Academy is a small school, every student really engages with with each other and had the opportunity to know everyone at a personal level. Although Berean has many great qualities, one irritation some students have is the lack of higher level classes. The school would benefit greatly to have more upper level science and math classes in order for advanced students to push themselves further. All together, I would recommend Berean Academy to any person because of the community, the academics, and the strong spiritual foundation that Berean is built on.
Berean is a great Christian school serving Pre-K through 12th grade students. I have enjoyed attending Berean as a student and am thankful for the devoted teachers. Berean has been serving families in the mid-Kansas area for over 71 years!
Berean Academy has high academic expectations for each student. The expectations are dovetailed with love and concern from each teacher. The one thing I wish to change at Berean Academy would be more opportunities for hands on training in vocational fields.
Berean is a wonderful atmosphere for anyone to learn in, both academically and spiritually. Classmates bond well over the years. The teachers care sincerely about every individual and are phenomenal at teaching to diverse learning abilities. Sporting events at the Academy and special. activities are where the school unites as a whole. Berean Academy teaches you how to live the authentic Christian lifestyle, follow Jesus, make disciples, and how to wisely defend Biblical faith.
I felt very safe while at school.
Great music, but not a lot of other activities.
It's a community, close-knit school.
90% of the teachers want their students to succeed
Always felt safe and taken care of here.
This school excels at the sports it does have. Very competitive. However there are limited sports available.
They prepare you far and beyond the average for life after graduation, whether that is furthering education, entering the work force, etc.
You will not find better teachers, people, role models, etc. anywhere else! The teachers that were role models turned into friends after graduation. They are the most caring, hard-working, incredible individuals and will do anything to help students succeed, not only academically but in every area of their lives. They represent Jesus' love to everybody.
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There were not many clubs or other organizations but did have activities that allowed for all students to get to know each other.
They made sure to take care of all the students and made sure the school had a good environmnet.
The school was over all friendly and makes sure that each student recieves a good education along with strengthening their personal walk with God.
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