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Benton Community Senior High School Reviews

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I liked how throughout my school years I had many opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities and didn’t have to try out to be on the sports teams. The teachers have always been helpful and understanding as well. The only thing I do not like about the school is the size of the district and how far away my house is from the high school. All factors combined it has been a great school to attend!
My experience at Benton Community School District has been an overall positive one. Why is that? The education there is very educational in most subjects. Yes, there may be one or two teachers that students find difficult to learn from, but from those teachers is where I learn the most from, because then I have to use all my resources to find the answer. The extra-curriculars are very competitive, and throughout my four years in Benton(at least once), all the activities that I know of have placed high in state level events. The facilities are well maintained, and is extremely modern. I have personally played a role in keeping Benton up to date in the latest technology. (iPads, Desktops, Projectors, Smart Boards and Virtual Reality Headsets) There is not much diversity because we are a big school district in a rural area, but the minorities know each other well. I am good friends with most of the colored students in my grade.
I feel I was prepared for college.
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I made many friends and memories through this school.
I feel very safe there.
Athletics and activities are encouraged for everyone, and there is usually something for everyone to be involved in.
The classes, friends, and activities are what make this school so great. I would definitely choose this school if I could do it all over because it provides so many opportunities for students to get involved, not just in academics or athletics, but also in the community with volunteer activities.
I have felt that each of my teachers does an excellent job helping and teaching students. They strive to be creative and make the subjects engaging while providing us with the knowledge to carry us to college.
They are very well supported by all students.
You can expect to see a large crowd of parents.
They are a part of the community as well.
It's not the best school in the world, but it's still a great place. The teachers are very helpful and nice people. The fact that it is a small school helps, because then you can get to know everyone better. I'm not saying there isn't any drama, because there is a lot of it. But overall Benton is a great school.
The scheduling process is very good at this school and the workload is pretty average. The teachers do a very good job in teaching us the things we need to know.
The principle and guidance couselors really help each student and make sure they know what there graduation process is so they can graduate with what they need. I think that is such a good thing for them to do considering some students don't know what there's is or ever where they are going to college.
If I had to choose this school all over again I would still choose this school. Most schools you have the cliques and the bullies, but here are Benton Comminity everyone is friends with everyone and it's such a safe and caring environment,
We are required to take fitness or PE. Some take it multiple times a year. We have tons of extra curricular activities which is awesome also!
I particate on Track and Cross a Country and the coach and the staff of our high school really care about everyone who participates. It such a warm and welcoming environment.
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We have a very strict anti bullying policy. I feel really safe coming to school every day. Our doors are locked all school day with a pager to only let people in that go to our school or are visiting. Which is a very good security measure.
Our food is not good at all, there aren't any choices not even salad. The proportions at school are small and don't fill a normal size teenager so our football players are obviously not getting full either.
Benton is pretty talented when it comes to extracurriculars. We have multiple activities just around vocal. Also, cheerleading, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling. I do wish that Benton had more activities available to us like hockey and swimming.
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