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Bentley is a great school to focus on challenging and engaging academics, and the students are generally very nice and helpful. Most teachers are very communicative, understanding, and passionate about their jobs. There are a few teachers who can improve, but I generally liked my experience.
Bentley manages to grab some amazing teachers, that offer a variety of amazing classes. The teachers however, often seem overworked and burned out. The campus is great, but isn't utilized to the extent it should for an unknown reason.
We have two kids at Bentley and our experience has been terrific thus far. Our children have been challenged by the curriculum and the truly wonderful teachers who have developed it and they have been well supported in taking harder classes, trying new activities, and making new friends. Last year and now this year, the school has done a particularly excellent job in moving instruction online, keeping kids engaged and adapting classes as the school learns more and more what works and what doesn't. Through all this, Bentley teachers have really gone above and beyond what we could have hoped for, and communication with parents has been strong. So Bentley is a great fit for our kids and for our family.
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I would give Bentley High School zero stars if I could because attending Bentley was the worst mistake of my life. The students are apathetic, the teachers are overworked thus the retention rate is low, and the administration is a group of bullies who act in a completely unprofessional manner. Despite the costly tuition, the facilities are poor and students have to spend $1,000 or more on textbooks annually which are rarely even used in classes. Students are extremely rude to the maintenance and cafeteria staff. Good teachers rarely stay at Bentley because of the toxic environment and bad teachers are plentiful. The administration does not even attempt to deal with issues of racism and sexual harassment, which are also plentiful. Thus far, Bentley has provided me nothing but depression, anxiety, and a crippling sense of self loathing- DO NOT ATTEND it is a waste of time and money.
So far so good. We are a rising freshman family and have just started the Summer Strong program at Bentley School. The introduction and welcome we have received thus far is exemplary........stay tuned :)
Bentley academics are absolutely wonderful, but the environment was incredibly toxic. I felt like this was a waste of my high school years in some ways, nonetheless, I am leaving with an excellent education and view of the world.
The community is great but my experience is brought down by the actual educational aspect. The History and English departments are great. However, none of the other classes are that enjoyable. The teachers are overworked which constantly creates a stressful environment. The workload is overwhelming for the average student but if you are more focused on getting good grades rather then making memories and connections you will succeed. Majority of students will transfer out sophomore and freshman year and it is guaranteed that many teachers will leave each year as well. Bentley will defiantly prepare you for college and if you want to have to constantly be working this is the school for you.
The faculty was amazing! My teachers taught me so much inside and outside of the classroom. I learned how to be a leader and how to bring all of me to the table. Bentley helped me prepare for college and did a great job.
I have had a great time over my four years at the Bentley school. Making awesome friends and amazing teachers, the educational and social experience that Bentley offers is the prime reason to attend here. The problem I have with Bentley, however, I have with its administration. Since my freshman year, many of the teachers that I began with have left the school, some citing a lack of respect from the administration as the reason. Although most of the new teachers that have filled their vacancies are equally amazing, it is a bit unfortunate when one of your favorite teachers leaves the school unexpectedly. It also feels as though the administration puts more priority on the image of the school than the will of the students, with some classes frequently being interrupted by parent tours. Overall, my academic experience at the Bentley School has been very satisfying and enriching, but my brushes with the administration have been anything but.
The bentley school is a great academic institution which offers a phenomenal array of athletic activities, classes, & clubs. The teachers care deeply about the students’ well being and academic experience. The school’s administration does a great job running the school. The facilities and cafeteria are unparalleled. All in all, there is no comparison.
As a high school senior, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bentley. I entered in 9th grade and have loved my time at the high school. The teachers here are truly passionate about their subjects and bring excitement and curiosity into every class. The sports teams are led by excellent coaches who always have the best interest of players in mind. The only downside of the school is the administration, which oftentimes suppressing the voices of the youth on campus in regards to student activism. However, I would recommend Bentley to any perspective student.
My lifelong enrollment at Bentley has prepared me for my pursuit of higher education, particularly with its history and English seminars. The upper school has a prosperous community full of students supporting each other. Additionally, the staff who work here devote precious time and effort to keep the school safe, clean, and efficient. I will graduate this summer, but the journey continues for years to come.
Bentley has done a great job at preparing me for college. The courses here are challenging but the teachers want students to be successful in our classes and help students excel.
I have had a wonderful time at Bentley and I feel that the school has done an excellent job at preparing me for college. The teachers are caring and dedicating to my learning, which coupled with the school's strong curriculum has set me up for success.
I initially went to Bentley High School because my sister went and it would make transportation easier but after four years of attending I found much more than I expected. At first I wished there were honors english courses my freshman and sophmore year, but when I reached junior year and attended the seminar program my mind was changed for the better. I realized that the groundwork laid down by the freshman and sophmore year classes prepared me and my classmates for a more focused, difficult english class. I ended up doubling up in my english classes for both junior and senior year as the teachers and coursework were extremely engaging and educational.
I really enjoyed the academics and teachers at this school. At this school the connection between the teachers and the students are amazing. I have created lasting bonds between mostly all of my teachers. I have enjoyed the people at the school and have built amazing friendships. This schools academics really pushes people to achieve the most you can. Additionally, there are classes that are really fun and you can just laugh in all day. The only downside to this school is the school's administration. They make it so that the teachers have no say in what happens at the school. And the students idea are pushed down and not supported. However, I love the current head of school Dr. Walker. He is so fun and insights fun and joy at the school.
The teachers at Bentley make the school what it is. The teachers are dedicated, hard-working, and care about their students. They make sure that their students learn the material and they make learning interesting. The academics at Bentley also are a stand-out. You receive a well-rounded education and learn how to think critically for yourself. The material makes you think and pushes you to do the best can. However, the administration at Bentley makes it so that teachers don't have a say. A lot of teachers have left, forced by the administration's hand to teach more classes or change their teaching style.
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I was interested in math and science from the beginning, more specifically engineering, and Bentley School provides a great environment to hone skills not only in math and science but all subjects. Students can pick and choose their classes to their liking and skill level, ensuring comfortability no matter who they are. The jazz program is fantastic and the upper-level English and History courses are great as well.
Bentley School's teachers and College counseling staff are unparalleled. Every single member of the teaching staff is personally invested in each individual student's success and happiness in school. They all cater to personal needs and make you feel supported while providing a strong and rigorous academic environment. College counseling is absolutely the same. I would not have survived first trimester of senior year with any other college counselor.
I wanna cry bro, I hate annotations, and it truly never ends. But I'm a competitive child so I rated everything 5 stars. gO pHeOniX!