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One unique thing about Bensalem High School is the level of diversity in the environment. This inadvertently allows students to learn new things and gain new perspectives from their peers of differing backgrounds.
What I would like to see change is having SAT classes available for students. And giving students the opportunity to go well on their upcoming exams. Other than that, Bensalem High School is a good and organized high school.
The diversity in Bensalem is unlike any other school. I see pictures of my cousins who live in Maryland and Virginia with their friends... and they all happen to be white. In Bensalem, you meet people who come from all around the globe. I believe that this racial diversity creates a school environment that is more welcoming to people of any color.
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I really enjoyed the teachers that put in effort to see results in their students. I would change the fact that other teachers simply had no clear motivation to find the good in their students. This mix of both teaching types only allowed for the best students to rise above the rest, by being able to be led by wonderful teachers, but at the same time, leading themselves when a certain instructor chose not to.
I loved how involved they encouraged the students to get, and I also loved how communal the school felt as a whole.
Although some students may seem like they are top notch, this school is very humbling and great. Most teachers know what they're doing and you will learn quickly within the lessons. For the most part the school is well kept, recent renovated.
I love everything about my school. I don't want anything to change. Cause even though I am new in this school the way everyone accepted me is heart taking. My teachers and counselors are super helpful, and my classmates are also lot friendly.
I believe it's a good school, the teachers are very helpful if you're struggling in a class and always have time to help you with any questions. However I do think the school food price for lunch could be lowered a little bit for what they offer.
My experience was great. One thing I like about Bensalem High School is there safety arrangements towards school and students. The other thing I like about this school is teachers they are very helpful. They don't just give you education but also give you life lesson and prep you for college life.
Bensalem High School has been an incredible experience for me. The main topic I would like to focus on in this review is the teachers in the building. Without a doubt in my mind, the relationships I have created with my teachers will surely impact me for the rest of my life. The teachers in this building are, in a word, selfless. They rarely receive recognition for the work they do, but I would like to make it clear that the work is superb. They never fail to provide an incredible education within the classroom. Additionally, they are people who may never be able to truly understand the impact they have made in our community. Every day, I leave the building feeling prepared and inspired for my future. They have turned me into a student who couldn't care less about school, into a person who gets pure enjoyment out of learning. I now take pride in my intelligence, and I am sure I will be stepping out into the world as a confident and kind leader.
I love the diversity and how tolerating everyone is of everyone’s beliefs. I also love the care that the teachers here have for their students. Many students here go to teachers rather than their counselors for their problems, actually.
Academically, I’d consider myself lucky compared to other students who have been failed by their counselors for scheduling mishaps. Though I like that there’s much variety for classes, because there are so many classes, there are many unprepared teachers to teach them. Not only that, but since our funding isn’t equally divided, and that our school is in debt from all its renovations, many programs/courses and teachers have been cut.

I have loved my years here and had some of my best and worst memories here, but I feel if we had put more of our money towards our programs instead of our bathrooms and lockers, then we could be a better school.
What I liked about Bensalem High School is that we are very welcoming and very open to new things. Another thing that made me so happy at Bensalem is the teachers because they are always concerned about your grades and especially about the students.
Bensalem High School is a great school both inside and out. Meaning the facilities are amazing and were recently renovated. Inside, the classrooms are filled with amazing teachers, for the most part. There is also several opportunities to get involved in sports, clubs, and our amazing arts program. One great thing is that the counselors really care about you and your future. Personally, my counselor helped me with a lot and kept me on track when going to college. As for college readiness, I feel that my calculus teacher has contributed immensely to this. She has us write essays about real life topics, such as, taxes, student loans and mortgages. This is preparing me both for college and adulthood. My AP Biology teacher is also contributing to college readiness. She does this by printing out her powerpoints and giving "college-styled" lectures, with less "hand-holding" that you receive from lower level courses. I feel that in the long run BHS has prepared me for what life has for me.
So, my school just went under renovation and I have to say I love how it looks. It definitely encourages a more respectable reputation and learning environment. In the beginning however we were kind of short on supplies on even the most basic needs such as paper. And I feel like the administrators are still struggling to find an effective system to decrease tardiness/student issues. And sometimes it's hard for teachers and student body to give an opinion on the school, being quickly ignored or turned down. But looking at it from a positive perspective, these bumps in the Bensalem HS system have just received a fresh start along with it's renovation, so I hope not to be let down, and expect improvement as years go on. What makes me love this school the most are the people: great teachers and wonderful diversity.
The overall experience was great however I ended up spending the 4 years while the school was under construction.
I loved the majority of the teachers I had, mostly because I took challenging and engaging classes that really kept my interest. I would love to see more of a focus on channeling our funds into various departments other than sports.
My four years spent at Bensalem High School were amazing. I was able to learn under ver knowledgeable, qualified, and caring teachers. I was able to choose from plenty of extracurricular activities to participate in and there were many School events I was able to enjoy. Overall, Bensalem High School greatly prepared me really well for college and the world ahead.
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The school is very diverse with a variety of clubs and sports to choose from. I enjoyed meeting new friends there and there are several amazing teachers that help you get ready for college.
Bensalem High School is a very diverse education system that is both fair and suitable for anyone trying to obtain a good education. Our sports teams are very equipped and always strives to do their best in every game that is played. Although the most important aspect about this school is how well they prepare us for the real world. The teachers and staff take their jobs very seriously and strive to better our chances in the real world every single day.
What I liked the most about Bensalem Higg School was the relationship with the teachers. They were very understanding of how as a student we tend to have a lot of load on ourselves, from classes to sports. I would like to see more improvement in terms of college readiness in regards to the SAT or ACT tests.
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