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Benjamin Franklin High School at Masonville Cove Reviews

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At Benjamin Franklin, you will be given the basic classes to pass, but not any other classes to get more education. They don't have a very wide range of classes.
Ben Franklin has a great staff at its disposal that are very professional and they can be best friends any student can ask for. I have very few complaints about it and I'll forever have fond memories of my high school years within those halls.
I made new friends. Didn't have to wear uniforms and lunch was decent.teachers and students were nice. Easy to get to class since the school is small.
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I like that it’s a diverse school , calm and positive small school where everyone knows everyone and there’s not much conflict and if there is it gets resolved fast before it becomes a big deal. All your teacher are on spot help to whatever you need help with and are just a great support to your needs. I would like for Ben to improve on more activities for the students and more programs of the teens request or career status.
Ben Franklin is a very family orientated school and teachers are great. So many opportunities for honors and ap classes. Sports are great many students take pride in being student athletes
What I like about Benjamin Franklin is that the teacher are amazing and the sports program here treats everyone kite family.
Well it's a small high school located in the Cherry Hill area. Everyone's very nice (well the people I met). They have daycare for the parents who doesn't have no one to watch the young ones. School is beautiful.
Masonville cove, is a very small school. Mainly focuses on preparing students whether they are freshman or seniors for college, and athletics. Ben Franklin is a turn around school, it held a really bad name until the current principle came and now it's in the Top 50 MD Schools.
I have really enjoyed going to this school. Everyone is very close and very supportive. Even though we don't have much here we make the most of it
I love the school but we need more than just one girls bathroom open. If they had more open and cleaned then there would be no problem because someone wrote on the wall saying that someone's pu*** stinks.
I think that Ben is an good school for the most part. Mostly everyone knows each other and its not to big. The teachers well also.
My overall experience at this school has been great. I've made a lot of really good friends at this school through groups that I've been involved in since freshman year. I've never had any issues with teachers or students.
The teachers at my school are great. A majority of them genuinely care about the students and will do whatever they can to help someone. There is only a couple teachers that don't go above and beyond. It is really easy to ask any teacher at this school for any sort of help. Because most of the classes are small, it is very easy to have a close relationship with your teachers and that can really help when you need recommendation letters for college. I love my teachers here.
The teachers and staff, at Benjamin Franklin High School goes over and beyond for the students. For sports and any school activities the teachers and staff all come to support their students.
Even though we didn't have many trips. The trips were really fun and gave us a lot of information. There was this one time where we were going to a museum that was related to the government's development overtime. We were promised that we could eat as long as we brought $10. Those $10 was only good enough to eat OR drink. The school had a really fun time deciding on whether to starve or die of thirst during that day. Besides that we got to learn more about the events around George Washington and fellow presidents at the museum we went to. I think the other great trips we had were the campus trips for colleges. It really helped me decide what type of college was ideal for me.
The teachers will always shake your hand as you come and leave the classroom. Most teachers take the time to build with you personally depending on who you are and how you handle interactions with other people. They help students of all kinds out, the ones that do poorly, that ones that do well, and the ones that have trouble with life outside of school. Most teachers try to make class as engaging as possible by acting like one of us, one teacher did this especially. Or rather than acting like on of us, they built a relationship that was stronger than the mere teacher-student bond. We had a relationship where we could joke around and still get the work done from time to time.
Our school is as safe as it can get taking the area we live in. Other Baltimore city schools are not as safe as ours.
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We have many different types of clubs for everyone's interest!!
The school is like a family! The teachers know everyone's name and wish the best for every student even if it's not there own students! They care about everyone at our school.
Every teacher at my school has a different teaching styles. So if a student doesn't prefer one teachers teaching styles that's okay because they might like another's.
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