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Teachers are very helpful and are there for their students. No matter the situation they are there to help. Actual school resources as of locker rooms, bathroom and classrooms. Some teachers make the best of what they have but for the experience of the students a better environment will help students much more.
My experience at Benito Juarez High school, its been really good. I have meet new people, having some amazing teachers. Some things that I would like to change at Juarez are the bad bathrooms and the food .
Its been such an amazing experience here. im very sad im leaving as its my final year but the school is very open and it doesnt lack diversity. All the kids are extremely nice and very open to eachother. I've made such good friendships that will last a lifetime and im very grateful for that
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Benito Jaurez has a lot of diversity at its school, it provides guidance and other oppurtinites most schools do not have.
Benito Juarez is filled with diversity, my favorite part about coming to this high school is meeting different people from different races with different beliefs. I wish the school would be up to date and provide more resources.
When I began at Benito Juarez Community Academy, I was a bit scared. I was 14 years old and had no friends or family who'd attended my high school. After two weeks of being here I felt at home. Juarez is honestly a second family because you have teachers and staff who treat you like parents. You can tell they really care for you.
it's a great school, the only reason you fail is because you want to. Teachers give you endless opportunities to pass your classes. Keep in mind, attendance is a big part of you graduating on stage.
Its a good school, but the quality of the school is bad. The bathrooms aren't always cleaned. Some teachers are nice but some give attitude. There is always someone you can count with, some of the counselors are supportive.
As a student attending Benito Juárez Community Academy, the experiences from the past year here have been memorable. It has made me discover many new things. With lots of different fields of study to choose from it gives chances to different careers in the future.
Benito Juarez is a community high school that is open to anyone, many of my great experience comes from their variety of after-school actives like dances, art, photography, culinary, medicine, etc. The school creates a great connection with the students and help them to find what they are passionate about. Another thing that makes this school so great is they have resources to help Dreamer to go to a great college. I feel like they have a very strict policy for unnecessary things, for example, we can’t bring any type of outside food, no phones, and dress a certain way.
The school itself is not bad. The teacher here are nice and easy to talk to plus on the bright side they rarely ever assign you any homework so that's pretty cool. Clubs here are fun and the people running them know how to chill. The only complain I have about this school is that the food here is blend.
I enjoyed how much the people at this school engaged in cultural practices. I got to learn a lot about a culture that I didn't belong to and it made me become more empathetic to those around me.
I love that here at Juarez we all know each other. There are no fights, the teachers and staff are friendly and the counselors and staff always help out in our plans to go to college, trade school, or better plans after high school.
I like how passionate the teachers are about the students and the bonds we are able to make with the teachers and students. I like how I can trust and talk to my counselor about things and I could always get a honest answer. I would like to see more diversity, I want to see other races being represented in the school.
My experience at Juarez has been very good. I met a lot of cool people and made a lot of friends. The teachers are very helpful and want to see you succeed no matter what. They will help you find the things that you are passionate about and will help you chase your dream. The staff encourages everyone to the best of their ability to keep studying and continue their education for college.
Everyone is really nice and every teache and staff care about the students about how they are doing academically and mentally.
Juarez has been a great high school all my four years now as a senior. It has taught me how to grow as an open minded person and balance activities with school work. Staff and teachers are caring. The IB program has been a great choice that I picked starting freshman year.
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I like everything about this school, there’s many activities and events that students can get involved with. There’s many people you can count on and it’s just very fun to meet new people. The teachers are really great and they try to help you with anything they can. There’s definitely a lot of people you can count on here. Being senior year I am very sad to be leaving, but excited to start a new chapter in my life
I like the events. everyone gets involve and there is a lot of school spirit. I like the teachers always there is you need them, very supporting and understanding.
school is full of people who don´t value their education. Teachers do not care , people are rude and the way the students are treated is off. this school sucks, no real work is done nor given.
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