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An overall great experience here at the academy, the sports and atmosphere are amazing, the only thing that lacks here is diversity but as the years have gone on it has slightly improved. The classes provided here definitely prepare students for things they are going to see in college regardless of where they go.
Great school. Mostly amazing teachers besides a select few. Sports won 4 state championships for fall sports this year (Boys Soccer, Girls Cross Country, Swim, Girls Volleyball). Amazing Math and Science program.
The school, the faculty, the support by the Monks, the students and their families all lead to the overall excellent faith filled educational environment. There are many good schools in the area, but NONE could match our experience at Benet. Principal Marth is a great leader and the support of literally the entire school makes every family experience the best of what Benet has to offer. It's a great day to be a REDWING!
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My experience was wonderful! The communal culture is my favorite aspect of the school. I have formed life long friendships with my peers. The guidance from my teachers and mentors has shaped me into the person I am today. I would do it all again if I had the chance! Redwings for life :D
The very challenging and rigorous environment here at Benet Academy prepares students for college and the world. Many people strive for the best grades possible, creating a healthy, competitive work environment. Once you get here, you get used to the rigorous work load, and it's not as bad as you think it would be. This is because the teachers are very helpful and are willing to assist with whatever may be needed inside or outside of the classroom. Benet has helped me to become a more diligent and serious student, teaching me how to adapt to a competitive environment and improving my work ethic.
Very hard academically, but you will learn more than any other high school students. Those who go to Benet Academy often find that college is easy in comparison. The teachers are helpful and understanding. The school is clean and small. The cafeteria food is great. The ACT scores speak for themselves-- Benet is a great school. Although many people drop out freshman year because they find it too academically challenging, those who stick with it until senior year are always 100% ready for college. The courses offered are more than sufficient to provide an amazing education.
Benet is one of the best high schools in the state. It has great academics, great athletics, and amazing people. I enjoyed Benet for numerous reasons. The teachers are great, it is a competitive environment, and it really has a great sense of community. Overall, I could not be happier with my time at Benet Academy.
It was an amazing school with a lot of opportunities and people that wanted to help the students excel. I would like to see a bit more elective type classes, like engineering and psychology, but my overall experience was quite positive.
Benet Academy offers an extremely prestigious academic program while also being versatile in the arts, sports and any other clubs one would want to join. Benet not only prepares students for the rigors of college, but also for life through its strong Catholic, Benedictine identity.
I would like to see a more diverse and open-minded student body and teachers. In addition, I would like faculty and staff to look at the bigger picture and allow more self-expression and embrace it with an open mind.
I genuinely believe that school here was harder than any of my college courses. The teachers are all wonderful and so is the atmosphere. But it is indeed a college prep school, so it can be tough. But it's worth it.
Benet pushed me - in bad ways and good ways. I feel that I will be ready for future challenges, but at times felt that it was unnecessarily. I also believe that the community and the administration need to be more accepting and understanding of students’ circumstances or mental health. I know that private schools can do as they please in this aspect, but it is not good enough for such a high caliber school. Also, the diversity needs to improve. I know that the admissions process does not affect this, but I think that it needs to be a little more active about reaching out to find variety of students. The tuition is SO high but where does the money go?
Benet is a terrible school. I cant believe that anyone would ever want to go here since its such a terrible excuse for a school. Most people think that its a good school since it says academy in its name but it is a really bad school for sports, education or, even diversity.
Should be ranked high school in America. Academics here are great, good sports and clubs, nice teachers, and friendly peers.
Benet is such a great school, gets you ready for college and great atmosphere. However many teachers are very difficult and not very good. Also the pressure to do well here is blessing and a curse.
Benet Academy has given me an extraordinary education, but it has also fostered an environment that helps me with life skills I will need to excel in college and beyond. The difficult classes has allowed me to learn how to manage time well, how to study effectively, and how to manage class selections. I am provided with many clubs that I can join, with organizations related to art, sports, core subjects, as well as the fine arts.
As a college prep school, they do very well in regard with material and course load. However for a school that likes to boast every person will get into their dream school, they did not prepare/attempt to guide towards that goal. The counselors are wholly inadequate. All teachers but the religion department care about students & do a good job. There is no diversity and anyone who is not white, rich, cis, straight, or catholic are treated terribly by students & admin
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Benet is a terrible excuse for a school. They don't even try to teach and none of the student seem to take it seriously. Many of the teachers all teach the same and don't care about the education.
Nothing about Benet has been easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's so great to be in a place where everyone wants to succeed, but also wants to have fun and live life. All my teachers genuinely care about their students' success, and I know that all the hard work now will pay off in college. One thing I would change, if I could - the college counseling program...because there's only three college counselors, you're basically on your own. Kids wouldn't be afraid to branch out from Marquette, Loyola, and SLU if we had more guidance in picking schools suited for our own preferences and abilities. So many kids with 30s and 31s on the ACT could do so much better (and still get money).
Benet Academy has been the best four years of my life. It has given me so many great friendships and has really prepared me for college. I have great teachers who are always there to help and great friends who are always there when I need them. I am very strong in my Catholic faith and it is really nice that I can attend religion class and mass everyday. Although the courses are rigorous and I can get lots of homework every night, I feel like I am pushed to be my best and perform to the best of my ability. Benet Academy has taught me many great life skills.
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