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Benedictine Military School places high emphasis on academics as well as outside activities. I feel like I am prepared to move on to a successful college experience. The administration has been knowledge and helpful throughout the college application process.
The experience with Benedictine Military School has been outstanding. Communications from administration, college preparatory courses and structure helped to build character, confidence and brotherhood. The school takes into account what students and parents think would make the school better and incorporate changes into curriculum. The focus on JROTC is a positive. There is a culture at BC that is truly built around brotherhood. The alumni and community are supportive of the school. Absolutely the right choice for my son.
I spent 4 years at Benedictine. Academically, I wasn't challenged much and was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA with little effort and almost no studying. The history "teachers" are the biggest problem staff-wise because they don't teach. They read off slides of notes and give plenty of busy work while they type on their computers, probably focused on athletic events. While I have no problem with coaches being teachers, these history coaches seem to hold athletics to a higher esteem than academics. The other departments are much better at balancing academics and athletics. Also, haircuts and shaves are the biggest concern of the administration, which is quite concerning to me as there are bigger and more pressing issues that need to be addressed. While I got into Georgia Tech, I can't help but feel unprepared because of the lack of academic challenge. The best part of Benedictine was Guidance Counseling, which was largely responsible for my acceptance into Tech.
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Benedicting is an intersting school. It provides the opportunity to excel and students are incredibly proud to attend. Some do very well post graduation. But a suprising number of recent graduates underperform beyond highschool with lack luster college placements, drug arrests and DUIs. Would expect more from graduates of a Catholic military school.
For me so far I have been blown away by the involvement of the teachers. Tutorial is from 3-3:30 Monday through Friday for a student to go to and iron out any kinks he may have in the class. The cultural aspect is amazing, the entire city cheers for you and holds you to a higher standard. I am proud to be a Cadet.
I have been a student at Benedictine Military School for the past four years(2014-2018) and it has been an amazing experience. The teachers care a lot about how well we(the students) are doing and making sure we understand everything we are learning. Their is also a lot of opportunities within the school to find out what you like and want to do.
My overall experience with Benedictine Military School is fairly above average. The athletic program here is highest in its class. However, the academics falls just short, but the real reason people come to Benedictine is the tradition. My experience with the brotherhood is just amazing. Going to school is like going to 2nd family, seeing all the boys there makes me feel more comfortable and I don't have to worry about my appearance like I would've at a co-ed school.
BC is like a club. We are tight knit and have a lot of support in Savannah. Football, basketball and lacrosse are all on the up and up. Its a big community. Academically, its not the most challenging, sometimes I feel like I am in a glorified daycare, but hey people get into good colleges. GO CADETS
we have alot of club activities and non sport related activities, there is something for everyone at BC
very safe school has on site policeman
New Principal can be difficult and is not open to student input to include student government. More of a dictatorship than open to suggestions.
Teachers in honors and AP classes are very difficult and engaging. I haven't been in regular classes
It's about 50/50. Some teachers are probably the best in the state, but some are probably slightly about average.
BC's facilities are nothing fancy, but this is part of the BC experience. Students are hardened in a way but earning everything they receive.
Health and Safety are pretty solid. As an all guys school, not too many things pose a threat inside or out. The only negative thing is the lack of clean toilets around the school.
Very strict, sometimes over menial infractions. It can sometimes seem like they overreact, but it is the school's way of graduating the elite.
Very challenging, GPA will suffer compared to public schools in the area, but you will be far better prepared.
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BC Athletics were a great experience. Our championships speak for themselves.
Some teachers are there for the pay check and not really interested in the students progress. Other teachers really care about the students.
I have had a very good experience with this school. The business office has been very good to my family. They have been very accommodating and I believe my son has had a very good education. I would choose this school again because of the tradition it carries in the community.
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