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benedictine is a decent school, great athletics pretty much the only reason kids attend here. clubs are terrible not very organized. teachers are awful don't really engage with the class and students. diversity is average. academics is not very good. but the college readiness is spot on. the food has gotten better over the years. not a good neighborhood and the monks are scary and some people do not feel safe. the parents barely participate with the school. the music and art programs are awful. the facilities needs to be updated, most of the facilities are still from the 20th century. resources are great and they give us computers.
I loved the brotherhood and how it prepared young men for the next step in life. Which helped me out stepping forward onto college and still working for my interviews to come and also how to dress proper.
The overall brotherhood is something not any other school can relate to. Proud to be a Benedictine Alumni and can't wait to see what the future holds for my Alma Mater! GO BENGALS!
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I Transferred into Benedictine high school starting my sophomore year. It was one of the best decisions of my life, Benedictine has offered me so many more opportunities than my previous high school. The atmosphere and students are a lot of funny and engaging.
Benedictine has changed my life!!! I came into my 1st year only knowing ppl with the same beliefs & background. There is such a diverse group of students here. @BHS you are a big fish in a small pond. There are barely 400 kids in the whole school & you will quickly know everyone. The best part about Benedictine is that their are no cliques. It is 20 guys in a class room talking to each other and learning. It is all guys so the environment is really chill. Sports & clubs bring the student body together. I joined the lacrosse team freshman year & now will have played all 4 yrs. Another plus is that religious life is extremely strong. The Abbey (where the monks live) is on campus so you will be taught by Benedictine Monks. There is many opportunities for mass and other religious activities. The food is great for breakfast & lunch. The teachers really try their hardest. There is no other school like Benedictine. I have fallen in love with this school & it is my home away from home.
The experience from Benedictine was great. Benedictine assisted you in becoming a man, and accepting responsibility for your decisions. I liked that even though it was school, it was run like family. Involvement from students, parents, and alumni.
The one thing that needs changing is new facilities.
Great school overall,great athletics, great college prep academics. Lots of activities for students ,good teachers
My experience at Benedictine was very successful. No better school than Benedictine in my opinion. We have more diversity than the other all male schools in Ohio. We only have 400 students so we are all close and consider each other family. The athletic programs was the best experience. Playing football under the lights and just seeing the whole Benedictine community there supporting not only the football team but all sports team. For individual sports like swimming, track and wrestling if someone made states, we would stop class and every one would their class and stand in the hallway cheering them on as they left for their competition. At the end of the day Benedictine is family and always will be home for me.
Benedictine is one of the greatest experiences you can ever imagine! Teachers that care, a brotherhood that's unbreakable, and you can strengthen your relationship with Christ while attending! The only improvement is the diversity, that it needs more races to attend, along with better food. However, Benedictine is overall a great experience!
The school strives for you to graduate and not fail your classes. Unfortunately, they do this by not teaching you and giving you a good grade. Passing is easy, learning is hard.
There are very few good things about Benedictine. The fact it is an all male school has its advantages because you feel there is more freedom to express yourself. One disadvantage is there are no girls to, but it is an easy transition. I would like to see the academics change, and the teachers be better and more consistent. In my four years at Benedictine, there have been numerous changes in teachers, whether they leave for a better job opportunity, or because they are bad teachers. I would love to see more stability in the faculty because I believe it would assist the academic portion of the school because that is something Benedictine needs help with.
It's a good school educational wise and I would say I enjoy going here for the most part, but there are some petty rules that just makes you upset but you'll learn to get
It was alright. It is a brotherhood to say the least. I don't see any bullying whatsoever and the atmosphere is overall good. Academically not challenging, but not the brightest students. I would say that you give what you get. There are so many opportunities at Benedictine, but you have to WANT to be that person. The teachers are great and supportive. You have to be open. There are a lot of bad kids, but there are a lot of good characters you should be acquainted with. Almost 50/50 ratio of black to white, so it has quit the diversity. Unless you take AP and honors classes, the material is not hard. Yet again, I am in the top 10 percentile, but as long as you put in maybe an hour a night, you are set. Good luck to anyone who is reading this! I have one semester left and I know it nothing but a bumpy ride from here.
Benedictine has really helped me become a man. I've learned to be more respectful, to have pride in who I am and all I represent and I've developed amazing friendships! My education experience has been great since Day 1!
I felt safe and there was always a school nurse available when needed.
The coaches made sure students made the academic requirements or higher.
The academic curriculum prepared me for college. I did exceptionally well my freshmen year of college and I believe it had to do with my high school education.
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The teachers took the time to hear the student voice. The school kept the students engaged.
There are many clubs and sports available to students. No student would have any problem identifying with a group, if so they could start one of their own!
This school is a very tight knit family of brothers. You learn how to become a man, and take responsibilities seriously.Benedictine offers a good education with Catholic values. You'll leave here better than you came.
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