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My experience at bend high has been solid, but flawed. Bend high offers a wide variety of classes as well as extracurriculars. Bend high offers IB classes along with the IB diploma. Also I have found most of my teachers to be supportive and easy to get along with. The community of staff and students are incredible, though not diverse.

However bend high’s facilities are often worn, old, and often not big enough to accommodate the massive population of students. Class sizes are large, and the hallways during passing periods are very crowded.

If you are looking for a place to be academically challenged bend high is the place for you, but otherwise there are better options in central Oregon.
I am currently a senior at Bend Senior High School and I absolutely love it! I am so grateful that I was able to transfer to Bend High after my freshman year for the IB Diploma Program. The program is challenging, fun, and it has already opened so many new doors for me. Not only that, but the culture is very inclusive, and I have made nothing but good memories there. The students and teachers are extremely kind and helpful. However, it is pretty crowded and the building needs work, but other than that Bend High is an amazing school! I hope others have the same experience with it that I have had.
bend high has a super warm, inclusive feel. Everyone is welcome and everyone's feelings are valid and recognized
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I really enjoy how diverse the community in this school is, whether it is staff, guest teachers, or even students. This high school also makes a large effort to keep its students engaged in their academic curriculum by offering numerous programs to help all students get to where they want to in life without feeling scarce in resources. In addition to my previous statement, this school also makes sure that the school spirit remains active and enjoyable, in hopes of keeping a well balanced high school experience for its students. However, I would like to see an improvement in the facility itself. Bend Senior High is the oldest school in Bend and also happens to have the largest population compared to other high schools in the town. While the amount of students attenting this school grew the building did not. During passing periods the narrow hallways filled up with students to the point that calling it foot traffic was an understatement.
During my years at Bend Senior High School my experience has been a positive and educational one. Both the staff and students are very supportive and accepting. These factors help to create an engaging and safe environment for people of all backgrounds. This is not the case at many other schools in our district. Although Bend High was founded in 1904 it has managed to stay one of the most progressive and technologically advanced schools in Central Oregon. The main drawbacks surrounding Bend Senior High is the building itself. Much of the original building from 1904 is still in use today with only minor cosmetic renovations and a few additions the building definitely shows its wear and tear. The district is aware of this flaw and has a major renovation planned for the entire school. Being a part of the four year engineering program at Bend High I have been able to get an inside look at some of the plans for this renovation which has provided a unique experience.
Great school! Heavy workload with IB classes and teachers are very invested and supportive of their student’s lives. The community of kids is great but you need to find the right people for you. The only negatives that I can think of is the lack of diversity and racial sensitivity, otherwise a very proactive school that cares deeply about their students!
I liked how involved the teachers were in sports and extracurricular activities. This made it seem like a community. I also enjoyed the assemblies we had, such as veterans day assembly and the christmas assembly.
In general, it is a nice school with caring faculty. Most interactions with any given staff member is pleasant. The school has its faults that have come with time, but its just said to give the school some character. It is also most definitely an IB school rather than an AP school and offers the IB diploma.
I like that the teachers always seem very involved and motivated to help you succeed. They’re also very interesting and entertaining. Unfortunately, while what’s inside the school is good, the school itself could use a little work. There are holes in the ceiling of some hallways, temperature varies wildly from room to room, and one time I saw a desk break while a student was sitting in it. Overall though, very good. They offer a lot of clubs and sports, as well as IB and AP programs.
Bend High is known for its community. All of the teachers care about their students well being and are extremely supportive. The community goes beyond the staff and onto the students. Students support sports teams, go all out on spirit weeks and volunteer in the community while still ( at least for most) take IB and AP classes. If students take the time to get the best out of their experience at Bend High, their high school journey will never be boring.
Overall, my experience has been amazing! The culture is outstanding and very homey, they welcome any and everyone. I consider many of my teacher sto be somewhat of my school parents, and school family. Something that I think could be better, is the diversity. It’s a very Caucasian school but that’s because I live in a very Caucasian environment and community. I’ve considered moving schools, but no other school will have the same culture.
Bend high is very welcoming to anybody and everybody. I never felt out of place there and enjoyed my time there.
I am currently a junior at Bend High and it has been a moderately good school. The community is very open and accepting for the most part. The most valuable aspect of this school to me is how most of my teachers want to help the students perform their best. I struggle with severe anxiety and my teachers have been extremely accommodating and helpful so I stay successful. In addition to this, the honors, IB Preparation, and IB classes are challenging but have helped to prepare me for college in the best ways.
Bend high is a school like no other. It may have leaks in the roof, mismatched floor tiles, or classrooms without air conditioning, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This school has so many great teachers and the students are all so much friendlier compared to other high schools in the district. Because Bend High is ancient compared to the other schools, it means there are also so many great traditions that we still take part in even a hundred years later. In a nutshell, Bend High feels more like a community than a school and I am so glad I chose to go there.
Bend High has a very unique culture compared to any other high school in the area. If you are a studious and social person, it’s perfect.
Inclusive people, broken building, caring teachers, lack of diversity. A good school, and my choice out of all the district schools.
The staff really care about their students' health as well as their education. The kids are friendly and welcoming. The academics are well supported. Overall, my time at Bend High has been an incredible experience.
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As the oldest high school in Bend, there is a solid culture at Bend High, and the majority of the teachers are invested and excited to help their students.
Bend High makes you feel welcome. Discrimination and bullying is not tolerated and it gives a feeling that you can be whoever you want without the fear of being labeled. I've really enjoyed my experiences.
Bend High prides itself in not only its studies, but also its community. This is the reason I chose to go there. Everyone is brought together, and treated equally.
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