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Belzer is a great school, it also has great teachers. The teachers really care about college readiness. What I would want to change about it is the way the students act, I know they can't completly change their attitude but they should really try to talk to them more. They should also communicate more with the parents of the students.
The staff at Belzer Middle School are almost always very well prepared on a daily basis. They’re kind, relatable, and act responsibly with all of their students. The school is extremely clean and the overall environment is pleasant.
A select few good teachers. Decent sports, clubs, and arts. Crowded and chaotic atmosphere. There is police and security presence but there’s only so much they can do.
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Today is my first day at Belzer middle school WOW!!! the scenery changes a lot. Just us growing up we were the big kids now, we were now preparing ourselves for the 8th grade. My favorite class was ms.Carlson, she taught English. We would read books and analyze passages, break them down and summarize them, she taught us how to become excellent readers. My other favorite class was math, the teachers were ms. Wineinger and ms. Avery. They taught me math skills fast. Belzer helped me sign up for the 21st-century program. The 21-century program is a scholarship that pays just for tuition for the first 4 years of college but you have to go to college in the state. The thing I would change is at the end of 8th-grade-year teachers can teach students how to prepare for High school so they can actually be ready because 9th grade is where you want to be on top of your game like don't procrastinate trying to catch up with credits. Overall I loved this school it was a big step in my education.
I did enjoy my junior high years at Belzer Middle School. Most of the teachers are very involved in each student's life, and seem to truly care about how each student is, academically. The atmosphere is good. There were not any terrible things that happened when I attended Belzer. I have nothing bad to say about Belzer Middle School.
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