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Graduated in 2018, had so many great memories! I still connect with my friends and teachers and have had such a great time. I remember such a friendly and fun environment in addition to the hard working students.
Not a bad school! Some things could be better, but a good experience overall. I definitely enjoy going there.
Belmont High School did well in preparing me for college courses. The teachers are nice, especially the math and science departments will support your clubs and outside of school activities. The teachers really take care of you and the students are all very competitive.
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Belmont High School was a good stepping stone for higher education. I definitely believe a student can be well supported with the expectation that they take initiative to seek out mentors and resources.
Overall, I've enjoyed my experience at Belmont High School. It definitely excels in academics and is one of the most competitive and challenging schools in the state. The teachers are great and the education is wonderful. Students get into top universities and are well prepared for their experiences there. However, Belmont High School is lacking in a few categories. Both the physical building and diversity need improvement. The administration has implemented plans for both of these (such as building a new school) but there is still a ways to go.
I love the atmosphere. The teachers ensure for an excellent academic experience and truly care for students. Everyone is welcoming and friendly.
It's a decent school that used to be better. There are a few very good teachers, and many many mediocre ones.
I had a positive experience with Belmont High School overall, from a great environment that admires both brains and brawn to teachers that truly do want to help you learn, the only thing holding me back from that last star is the physical building itself. They are working on expanding and renovating the building, so hopefully, the future building will be more comfortable to learn in.
I have traveled a lot and often been the new kid but I felt very welcome at Belmont high school. the kids there are used to new students coming to join the school system. It is however a very competitive school with a variety of grades. I enjoyed my experience and found pockets to hang out with. The English MCAS scores are known for being quite high and they offer a lot of interesting classes and extracurriculars. For example, I am in a neurology class, a social justice by the numbers class, and I have taken many years of chorus. They offer classes in French, latin, Spanish, and Chinese. The school building is very old but they are currently building a new building that will work as the high school and middle school. It is close to the shabby town library and town center that has food and shops. Currently at least, the school has a very strange schedule that I love. Seniors are allowed to leave campus if they want so if you are hungry you can walk to the town center and grab a bagel!
I can very much say I loved and cherished the time I had at Belmont High School. I moved from Cambridge to Belmont my sophomore year of high school. Everything about Belmont was/is so welcoming. The people and the town itself. I made an amazing group of friends here and met amazing teachers. The high school itself is a family. Everybody knows everybody. The teachers are invested in you as a person, not just a student. I am grateful I've gotten to mature and grow in the walls of Belmont High. I've learned more than just academics which will help me in years to come.
Throughout my 2 1/2 years at Belmont High school, I’ve felt very safe and comfortable. Being a freshman is always made out to look scary, but all the students and teachers/staff were very welcoming. I am now a junior starting to look at colleges and I haven’t been stressed one bit because of how well BHS teachers have prepared us. Although with the Coronavirus affecting school, teachers are doing their best to make sure students can still learn and also reach out to them if they want to keep in touch with them. Overall, I can say that BHS wants the best for students and will help you achieve your goal(s).
Extremely academically competitive, to the point where everyone is anxious at all times about grades and what not. Everyone is compared to each other, and if you don't overachieve enough it is noticed. However there are many good teachers.
Attending Belmont High School as a student is so often frustrating. Whether that's just how high school is, or whether that's just Belmont, I am unsure. What I know is that nothing really stands out about Belmont High. We tend to rank highly in many areas, but arguably the most successful area of the school is the performing arts. Besides that, the academics, administration, and teachers are all great, but not groundbreaking. I would say that the student life at Belmont High School is its major downfall. Students are enveloped in a culture of competition, with the lack of sleep being a bragging point. Stress is inevitable and never goes away. The building itself doesn't help with this, being uninspired, dirty and old. Maybe this will be improved with the opening of the newly built school in a year, maybe not. I can only speak to my experience, not speculate on what will be.
BHS offers a lot of different courses, but as of right now, the teachers that are employed there are not necessarily qualified for their positions. There is also a large range of ability levels and their overall flexibility when it comes to medical issues and taking time off for special circumstances
The teachers are very good but it also depends on what courses you’re taking whether it’s an AP, CP, or honors. Most interactive classes are CP as more help is offered in class. Teachers expect more of honors and AP students.
I had a perfect, amazing high school experience at Belmont High! I graduated back in 2016. I lived in a little two-family home near PQ park, and attended Butler, then Chenery, then BHS. Kids at the school are generally really nice. I was on the freshman girls soccer team, then swim team. Hockey for 4 years and rugby for my last 2 years. Also,I loved doing chorus all 4 years. The math, science, english, history, and music departments are great! The foreign language department is horrible though. If you make decent grades/try your best, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting into the college of your choice. I was accepted to the Umass Amherst nursing program and honors college. I am so happy that BHS set me up to do great at college. If you are considering moving to Belmont for the schools, I highly recommend it. I'm still best friends with my Belmont friends and we often talk about how grateful we are to have grown up here.
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Belmont High School is a very encouraging school for students. Teachers often will push their students to do the best of their ability by giving them challenges but it isn't ever too overbearing. The overall environment is also a very positive one. It is easy to fit in and the students and faculty create a great environment to learn and learn from one another.
Great academics: challenging and stimulating. Courses are interesting and teachers are enthusiastic about their work. Not *greeaaatt* on diversity or welcoming new opinions.
The past four years at Belmont High School have been very enjoyable for the most part as teachers and students both strive for excellence. Unfortunately the infrastructure of the school is lacking
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