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mental health at this school is poorly dealt with amongst grades 7-8. bds prides themself on having mental health "professionals" available to the middle school. however, the "professionals" available are one guidance counselor and the school nurse, both of whom are out of touch with the experiences that the middle school grades go through. topics such as self-harm, depression, anxiety and lack of sleep are either ignored completely until one day when the school decides to go commando and interrogates each child personally in order to find out who exactly in the grade is dealing with mental health. as you can guess, this is NOT A GOOD APPROACH and is quite intimidating. this "all-in" tactic leaves children feeling very vulnerable and unable to trust adults. (1/2)
positive experience until 6th. 7th and 8th grade were riddled with mental health issues and social issues, and we were overworked. however, high school preparation was very good, and general high school counseling was also well done. arts and athletics were alright. needed more class bonding, bad class to be in.
bds was a pretty good school, aside from some annoyances at times. the academics are good and the athletics have improved a lot with the addition of the barn (the new building with two extra basketball courts) and the renovation of the tennis courts. the school needs to work on communicating with families better and the scheduling for the day isn't very conducive to learning, with there being no breaks in between classes (one class ends at 10 and the next starts at 10, making you automatically late for your next class). high school placement counseling is fantastic. the school is a bit sheltered, but overall had a good experience here. teachers can be hit or miss, but most are great. diversity can be better, especially amongst the middle school.
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Great collaboration on all levels and disciplines...sense of being part of a caring, contented community. BDS is building a large facility for administrative offices and middle school sports facilities on school property, with a narrow entrance from Concord Avenue. The After-School offerings engage educators and students in a wide range of inquiry-based, arts-related, sports, drama, etc. The outdoor pool is a big plus. The BDS environment makes even sub-contractors feel like essential, trusted members of the whole school, from arrival to departure of the extended day children and teachers. The summer camp continues to display and encourage this kind of culture.
BDS is expanding facilities and enrollment. Execution of this expansion is pushing the school in the direction of being more similar to other private schools like BB&N and Meadowbrook. Some families like that; others don't. BDS used to be more differentiated from other schools (more community focused, strong in music, less well-branded). The new emerging BDS is more well-branded and focused on athletics, but much weaker in music, and less focused on performance opportunities and community building.
We transferred to this school when our child was in 3rd grade. We were looking for a school with strong academics/faculty, but also with strong curriculum in arts & social development. One things that stands out is lunch. They serve lunch to both faculty and students. The dining hall is set up with round tables. One faculty/admin member is with every table of about 6 kids. Every few weeks, kids are assigned a different table so they do not sit with the same kids /teacher all the time. The adults help to facilitate conversation and obviously get to know your kid(s). There is also a weekly all school assembly where kids have the opportunity to share something (a song, a poem, etc.) with the entire school. It promotes children getting comfortable in front of others. Also, the school brought on a new head of school last hear. Overall, we could not be happier with our experience.
The faculty at Belmont Day School is highly-skilled, thoughtful and simply amazing at what they do.

Classroom sizes are small, so the faculty truly get to know each student and can customize learning to best suit individual strengths.

The building and grounds are first rate and they are constructing a new multipurpose athletic and academic facility that will further enhance its STEM curriculum.

All members of the Belmont Day School (the faculty, staff, students and parents) are caring and compassionate and strive to make it a true community.

We love BDS!
My children love going to school and I have never experienced teachers so willing to support, challenge, and engage students! Belmont Day offers strong academics, as well as a generous sampling of athletics, arts, and other enrichment opportunities. The school encourages strong communication skills, character, and citizenship. Belmont Day School has a wonderful community of involved parents, joyful students, cooperative administration, and amazing teachers. We are so lucky to be a part of it!
My kids absolutely love being students at Belmont Day School; they run into school every morning looking forward to their day. The academics are top notch and are presented in such an interesting way that the kids are truly engaged in the learning process. The faculty really get to know each and every student! We are so grateful that our children get to be in such a wonderful and caring community- we hit the jackpot!
BDS lets kids be kids, engages them in projects that inspire their creativity and allows them to start taking ownership of their learning. In middle school, the faculty help students move toward independence in a way that seems age-appropriate and not abrupt. There are kids with such a wide range of interests and talents that any student can find kinship. The faculty/staff are remarkable in their dedication, passion and sheer love of what they do. Students develop confidence in their abilities, no matter where they start, and the school's core values are touched on regularly and integrated into the curriculum and activities beyond the classroom. Students form close relationships with each other and with the faculty and staff. There are plenty of people who will address concerns. It's a place our child looks forward to going each day. Within a few months of enrolling, she came home and said, "I think my teachers already know me better than my teachers did last year. They get me."
A remarkably poor understanding of normal developmental stages. Absolutely no capacity to deal with slightly different learning styles. Exceptionally poor communication with parents.
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