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My time at Bells High School was definitely a journey, all the way from watching our small town bring home two state championship trophies and also having the best community behind our back was amazing. The schools all were very well kept up and all in all the whole staff is people that parents would appreciate to have around they're kids. They are caring, and are always here to help and not with just school work, with anything they have always been there for the students, with this school, the students have always come first. I have cherished my time here at Bells and I know the other kids have and will as well.
I have gone to Bells since I was in elementary school. It is a small school, so everyone knows everyone, and you get good contact with the teachers. Sports are always very successful, as well as very high scholastic scores. Most of the teachers here went here as high school students as well, and a few have been teaching here since my mom has been here. It's very much like a big family.
Bells High Scool is a wonderful school. I made a lot of friends here and the teachers are great as well as the classes. There isn't much that I would change about this school.
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I went to school here from Pre-K through 12th grade. The teachers are excellent and very kind. They are always there when you need help or struggling with school work.
I love that Bells High School is a smaller school where we know almost everyone. The fact that we are smaller also offers more time for teachers to work one on one with students when needed. There's a sense of family as well, most of us have grown up together since we were in kindergarten. There is a large focus on education and sports and our educators seem to want only the best for us.
I have performed better in school. The teachers are really good at their jobs. I have improved in my English and Math courses!
Being a "country" school, Bells High School brings a lot to the table for being such a small school. I enjoy the teachers and staff with their abilities and teaching habits to go beyond the requirements shown.
Although Bells students may get stressed out from daily workloads of homework, it is totally do-able and keeps you on track. Plus we have a daily advisory worked into our schedule so we can work on homework and if needed, go ask teachers for help. Every teacher has been willing to help before, during, and after school as needed. Here at Bells you have every tool you need to succeed!
Coming from Colbert Middle School/ High School I never knew what it was like to be able to go even a day without petty drama until I got to Bells Hugh School at the end of my freshman year. When I arrived I was shown around the school by a very nice student that the principle introduced me to. She was polite and made me feel right at home. I feel as if when I transferred, the whole student body accepted me and immediately wanted to be my friend and hang out. I am so grateful to have experienced the rest of my high school career with such amazingly supportive and caring classmates.
There are many clubs and organizations to choose from at Bells High School. Bells offers Beta, UIL, FCA, Year Book Club, Maroon Platoon Club, Band, Choir, student council, softball, baseball, track and field, cross county, football, power lifting, tennis, golf, and both men and women's basketball. Most people would say that softball, band, football, and the maroon platoon are the most fun and popular. All clubs, organizations, and extra-curricular activities require commitment but that is what makes Bells extracurricular activities special, we all work for a title, to be the best!
I would most definitely rate this school 10/10. Every class room has a creative yet structured environment that adapts to the needs of each individual child. We have an amazing group of faculty that goes above and beyond for kids wants and needs. Not to mention, there is a colorful variety of classes that might perk interest in the choosing of a student's future career and taking their career plan one step forward by being able to work towards it with some of the weighted or dual credit classes that Bells offers.
The students at Bells High School are defiently blessed with the best teachers around! The teachers are caring, creative, knowledgable, and positive. Each and every teacher leaves an amazing impression on students not only because they are great at what they do but also because they are great people too! They will go out of their way day after day making sure students get an A, they come before and after school and always gives up their breaks to give you whatever it takes, they'll give you their number to send your questions to, and they'll help sponsor you. The teachers are family here at Bells High School.
Every person that comes to school here has the ability to perform in extracurricular activities. Nobody ever feels like they are left out and nobody ever makes you feel like you're left out. You get the same amount of attention as everyone else.
The parent's involvement with their child's activities are absolutely outstanding. The parent's support their children like their child is their number one fan and that's how every student should feel. I wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else.
The quality of the above and beyond teachers aren't what you'd expect at a little school. They know exactly what the students need and they touch base with what the students are struggling with.
They are very good about keeping us safe here at Bells
We have all kinds of sports. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Track and Field, Cross Country. We also have the Band program and Student Council, alongside FCA and FFA. All of these activities are great to be in.
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Everybody is supportive of their friends and classmates, and it's just a great environment to be a part of.
All of the teachers I've had here at Bells are amazing. They go above and beyond what I expected them to and they have no problem helping me if I have a question.
Most of our teachers kindheartedly help us in every aspect of our lives even if it has nothing to do with school, but then there are the rare few that do not want to listen to your problems at all.
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