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Bellows Free Academy (BFA) High School Reviews

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i would want to see better teachers and a better school system. and it just sucked, i just wished i was more prepared for college , but i had to learn how to do it myself
The education and experience was sufficient, but there needed to be more opportunities to be pushed or experience different things. However, the teachers were excellent and really pushed you to be your best.
I loved BFA Fairfax. The teachers were amazing and genuinely cared about their students. They went above and beyond to ensure that we had the opportunity to succeed wherever our path would take us in life. The Academics at Fairfax are extraordinary. There are AP classes offered with the option for them to become a College Credit class. On top of this, it also has access to South Burlington Essex Tech with transportation provided for students. The opportunities are endless. If there is not a club that you are interested in, you can easily create it. We have a fantastic Drama department filled with many talented students who genuinely care about others. In recent years the STEM program has expanded and blossomed into an entire department. The Abbey Group cooks the food with fresh vegetables and such provided by the Farm to School Club. I cannot say a bad thing about this school. When we had an incident in 2017, the school immediately took action and ensured the safety of all students.
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BFA Fairfax is a great school and I thoroughly enjoyed attending it. The school itself is not very diverse, but the connections that students make with one another is remarkable. It’s a small school where everybody knows each other and overall just a great environment to receive an education.
BFA is the worst school for children with medical issues. My daughter has an autoimmune condition where she has absences from school. It took OVER a year of me providing my daughters medical records for the school to put her on a 504 medical program... However, by that time she was too far behind because of the schools disregard for her asking for help took over a YEAR to be addressed... due to that... she fell to far behind to catch up. In addition, some of her teachers DID NOT abide by the conditions of the 504 program, which was supposed to modify her assignments to enable her to catch up.
BFA is a small school where everyone knows eachtoher. The teachers knows all their students and are willing to work with them to help solve problems they may have.
BFA is a very welcoming school, the students and administrators are involved in everyday activities and acedemics. It is a small school and is a close nit community, it is easy to get help and feel welcome when you attend BFA. I would recommend this school to anyone who likes a small community and easy access to help.
I loved the community feeling of a small school. The staff was always friendly towards me and other students as long as we reciprocated the same respect and kindness. Food could’ve been a lot better.
BFA Fairfax is a good school in terms of teachers and peers always willing to help. Yet, academics are terrible and college readiness is atrocious. To really be ready for college, students have to go above and beyond, such as applying for college classes during the school year, speaking to actual college students, and working really hard in class. Students do not put a lot of effort into their studies save for a select few, and it is very hard to raise morale.
BFA Fairfax is a great place to make friends and has many opportunities to be involved with the community. My only complaint is BFA Fairfax doesn't have a high level of education, so colleges don't see the life of a BFA Fairfax student.
Bellows Free Academy is an adequate school. What I love about this school is the sense of community and friendliness. The small town really brings people together. People grow up with their peers that they have known since kindergarten. The school is very involved with students. There is not a lot of separation of student and faculty. Teachers and administrators are approachable and kind. This gives kids a good learning opportunity that is individualized. However I will say that the quality of education is not stellar. The school does seem to be run like a business almost and puts quantitative costs before qualitative matters. The higher executives may not value the importance of education and teachers and students as much as I would like. With that in mind, Fairfax is a nice school and I am glad I grew up there.
They could be better, but they are good enough for the size of the school it is.
There are not as many as one would hope for but it has enough for the size of the school.
Everybody kind of knows everybody. You know names and faces. Everybody matters, and is important to the school.
Many of the teachers are interested in how their students are doing. Most of them are very friendly with students.
I gained many many great experiences at BFA and it turned me into the student and person I am today
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Teachers at my school know what they are teaching and have a variety of styles of teaching. However, sometimes the teachers and classes can be unorganized and hard to get on track, especially when some students are behind and are trying to catch up. But some students show that they can care less of learning and the teachers do try to give them the opportunity to meet with them one on one.
A lot of my dance teacher work in the real world as performers, choreographers, writers, etc. and it's really inspiring and helpful to my future career.

My cultural studies teachers are all the most amazing humans!
many of the after school activities and clubs have been decreasing in size over the last two or three years. I feel that this is because there is not a lot of support for groups other than athletics in our school.
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