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Bellingham High School is one of the best schools in Washington. Firstly, the teachers are the cream of the crop. Many have more than 10 years of teaching and care very much for their students. They will always reach out and try to help if it is needed to those who ask. The community of the high schools has really grown in my time there as a student. Recently, they set a new state record for most attendants at a Unified Basketball Game. It included cheer and dance shows, the energetic pep band, and an enthusiastic student body. The students are very talented, as Bellingham High has set records in many sports and received many accolades for teachers, music, sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. The community loves the high school and supports it in every way that it can. Although diversity is lower than the average nationwide, it is growing and is very inclusive to all. Overall, everyone will find something that is special to them at the school.
Based on my past educational experience at this high school I can say that they have very small amounts of ethnically diverse people within every club or sport that I have ever been apart of. Any time I had to get information from a counselor I was normally left with more questions. A lot of funding has gone into our choir and band/orchestra. Generally our sports teams have good coaches, and our competitive levels are very extreme.
At Bellingham High School, there is a large effort to involve all students. This is implemented through spirit weeks, sporting events, and chances to unify the student body as a whole. I believe that there is work to be done in areas of education. Different classes offer different challenges, many are easier for some students than others. By making courses and requirements more cohesive throughout, I believe this school would be more equitable for all students. Another challenge I struggle with this school is the number of classes offered, compared to the number of classes that are run. Students should have the opportunity to take classes tailored to their interests and career choices, rather than the popularity of the class. Although this poses alternate challenges, I believe it would better students' ability to succeed beyond high school. In general, my experience has been very positive at this school, besides minor issues. This is why I rated this 4 stars.
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BHS feels inclusive, fun, and academic. With a good balance of sports, clubs, and academic tutoring.
Bellingham was a great place to study- I loved most of my teachers, and I didn't have and bad teachers. The math and science opportunities were excellent, and there was a lot of space for development there. I wish the restrictions on where we could go during lunch made more sense though. We were allowed to go downtown a few miles, but not up the street a couple blocks to the nearest mini mart.
I've attended since 9th grade. Initially, I loved it. I enjoyed my classes, made friends, and had a great time. Towards the middle of my sophomore year, I ended up receiving some threats from a fellow student, and in order for the administration to do anything about it, I had to mention bringing it to the police if they failed to take action. They tried to deal with it in their own way, which seemed to work. However, once I began Running Start, it was obvious that we were not as high on the priority list as full time students, probably because we don't make them much money. I had to fill out an entire proposal just to get P.E. waived, even though I had 2 doctors notes, and a completed waver form. They claimed that it I was 'faking it' and I had to go all the way to the principle in order to finally get it approved (even though I had a psychiatrists note for my anxiety disorder). Senior year they are very helpful, and I received good advise on my college applications.
Bellingham High is a very diverse place with many different people. The teachers clearly love what they do and make sure the students understand every piece of information before moving on. Bellingham High strives off of it's school spirit, with various spirit weeks and engaging sporting competitions. Bellingham High is the best high school.
It was a good school with food teachers, but some times they just didn’t take things very seriously, that’s why I gave 4 stars and not 5.
I've enjoyed the welcoming environment and our easy access to educational tools. Our school isn't unfortunately, very diverse, and so I as an LGBT student had a bit of trouble finding others like me, but I'm glad to have gone there because it never seemed to matter to people. I never experienced any bullying.
Bellingham High School is a very above average High School with many class options and things to do. It does everything right a normal school does but it does it above average not beyond but definitely above. The one place it is lacking is the different ways teachers teach and their rules but in a way that could be a strength because in College and with future jobs that will be the case with bosses.
The school would benefit from increased college readiness courses. Teachers at Bellingham Highschool are top notch.
The one thing that I do really appreciate about Bellingham High School is how accepting and kind everyone is. There is significantly less drama and social issues at BHS than many other high schools. The thing I would like to see change is more diversity and school culture. People need to be more passionate about school and have more school spirit but everyone thinks that they are much too cool for it. I also believe that some of the staff (teachers) need to make more personal connections with their students.
The environment was welcoming and the teachers were all very nice as well; they seemed to care about their students. Some teachers are much more relaxed about their classes though, which leads to students being disrespectful and not caring, making class much less fun. There needs to be more discipline.
I really enjoyed my time at Bellingham High School. I loved all of my teachers I had over the course of my four years there. The new administration was not my favorite, but I really enjoyed the old administration. There was a lot of school spirit and was always fun to go to sporting events.
I had a bit of a hard time with some of the EDS services, but overall I had a really positive experience, and formed some really meaningful bonds with some of the faculty members.
Bellingham is a wonderful school with many passionate teachers. It has well developed music and engineering tech/robotics departments.
Bellingham high school is a very nice High School in a nice small college town. i beehive there are about 11,000 students going to BHS witch is not to crowded for the facility they have. the staff is very nice and always willing to help.
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Excellent staff and involved administration. Recent changes include expanded course offerings a new turf field. The school is not very diverse, however.
As a transfer student from the Ferndale School District, I was extremely nervous to switch to the Bellingham School District. On the first day of attending Bellingham High School, I was able to make many friends, including students on the cross-country team. This school is such a friendly environment because the students are approachable and the teachers want to help as much as they can. The only thing that could be improved at this school, and many others is the time for lunch. Instead of lunch being 35 minutes, it could be 1 hour. This allows for students to have a reasonable break and take their minds off of school work while chatting with friends. But, overall, this school has treated me well and middle school students should definitely look at Bellingham High School as an option.
I'm not someone who shows a lot of school spirit but when I graduate, I will be proud to call myself a part of the Bellingham High School Alumni and I will miss high school greatly. Due to our school's involved arts program, I have found my home and a great group of friends that I am happy to call my family. Nobody likes high school. It is a huge popularity contest and it is full of petty, pubescent idiots who dislike where they are as much as you do. However, there is something truly charming about going to school in Bellingham. Our school wide and district wide traditions are enough to make those lacking in school spirit groan but, it always reminds everyone to laugh. Bellingham High school is an environment both of professionalism, and of joy. It is truly a privilege to be spending my adolescence in a school that gives every student a family outside of their own that nurtures growth and joy.
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