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I moved here to Belle Fourche South Dakota, more than a year ago. I was scared moving to a new school was going to be difficult for me. It was amazing. The faculty and my fellow peers have treated me with respect and made me feel at home. This has been an amazing opportunity for me and i'm glad that i took the leap of faith, moving from California to South Dakota. Belle Fourche has a great school system and community.
The school itself is an awesome enviorment, great people, great staff and all around just amazing and positive vibes. Even though the building makes you feel like you're in an 80's movie, you still have this sense of home and interest that keeps you wanting more from the school.
I enjoyed my time here. I was highly involved, was an A student, and they had classes that challenged me. Now, they are turning more towards and tech and animal science school, which is fine, but music and art needs to stay important as well. Most teachers were very positive and consistently did their best to teach their subjects and prepare us for the world beyond high school. All in all, I appreciated my time there and what it had to teach me.
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Belle Fourche High School is a great place to go to school. At Belle Fourche High School you can find many diverse groups to hang out with and activities to be involved in. Belle Fourche High School is a great environment and is full of friendly staff and students.
I like that it was a small town and everybody knows everybody else when you attend. I would like to see more freedoms as you get older and less babysitting from the teachers.
The teachers and staff really help with everything you need. If you need any extra help they’re always there to help even if that means giving up there time.
What I like about Belle Fourche high school is all the memories I have made. I’ve loved all the teachers, helping me individually to succeed with whatever it may be. It is a fun place to be at and will always have the fond memory of my time there.
Over all my years attended I really enjoyed Belle Fourth High School. The teachers were always willing to help me on assignments that I was struggling with or help re-explain the assignment so I could better understand what was needed. The only class I struggled with was a math class. The teacher tried to move most of the material online were I struggled more to learn. My favorite class was English. It was a fun environment with lots of books and tactics to learn.
I would like to see some improvements in the school facilities otherwise I had a great experience there and would recommend the small school atmosphere to others in the future.
When the topic bullying comes up in Belle Fourche, you can always be assuming that there will always be bullies. However, in Belle there are strict rules, not so much like rules but if you see it being done, either tell or try and stop it. For example, if 2 boys were bullying another kid, someone could be like "hey, quit that, that is not cool". Bullying is not allowed in our school, however, it does happen, not often. But when it does happen most people either say that is not cool, or the one getting bullied would go talk to someone, such as, an adult, teacher, counselor, principal, or parent. The health programs, to be honest, I am not quite sure. However, I do know that there is a nurse that does come. Which means there are resources and programs to help the students with any health issues. Usually you have to bring pills and cold drops to the office and than they supply them whenever you need them. I believe our school is safe, because the office doors are locked, and have camera's up. The student center doors are locked, or must have an ID to get into them, same as the office doors. Also, another reason I think our school is safe, is because there are so many good people in our school, such as teachers, and office attendants, and coaches. The environment and the surrounds are safe because you are around safe people. Which helps make you even more comfortable during the school year.
Some of the extracurricular activities are volleyball, basketball, boys golf, girls golf, football, track, the play and musical, knowledge bowl and many other things. I personally are involved with volleyball, basketball and I used to run track. The organization of these programs are amazing. The coaches are involved with the players, and want them to get better as they grow older in high school. The commitment is full 100% for the coaches. The most popular are different actually. I would not say there are 100% popular, because everyone has a different opinion of each sport. The support of the administration is really good and have a lot of support throughout the programs.
Belle Fourche High School is a smaller school than usual schools. Which is one reason it is unique. Another reason is that most of the students are not rude or bullies. They care about others which makes the experiences much better and more fun. I wouldn't change my experience from this school if I got to go back, because most of my favorite experiences were from school. Such as playing on a varsity volleyball game for the first time, or getting all A's and B's because I was able to learn from all of the teachers, and if I was struggling I was able to go get help from all of my teachers. This is why Belle Fourche High School is unique, because all the teachers was the education that you want, if you try hard, and really study for what you want. They will help you through it. However, if you are just struggling because you do not try, then they can not do much except tell you to try harder. The teachers care about your education, and the students are there to have the experience of high school be that much better.
The teachers in Belle Fourche High School can be at times very encouraging, or they can be very useless. I mean by this is that, when some teachers teach, they may not even be able to teach the subject. So they jump to using the internet. However, there are many teachers that are still into textbooks and using books in order to help the student learn what they need to learn. They encourage the students to get their homework done, to keep their grades up and try their best. The quality of most of the teachers in Belle Fourche High School are high quality. They are very knowledgeable and know what they are talking about. They help the student learn by showing them one-on-one things, which is being interested in the students. Most of the teachers grade the same. However, some are just slower then others to get the grade scores into the parent portal or back to the students. Teaching styles are super different. Some of the teachers, like I said teach from the book, no internet needed. Others, teach with both, internet, notes, and books. However, then there is the teachers that other use the internet for learning.
Most of the personnel try and create a good system and make the students aware, but I feel that it might sound or start out like a well executed idea and then it doesn't work very well. The ones that do the best are the ones that don't even head up these programs, they are just teachers but they are willing to help in anyway they can, while the ones who are supposed to help really aren't that helpful.
There are not many options for clubs partly due to the rural school and community so their is not much diversity. There also isn't much because students don't like to participate in the clubs. But the teachers and students who do participate are amazing and make the extracurricular activities worth it.
My school has extremes. Either the parents are really involved with their kids' education and extracurricular's or they don't care at all and wont show up for functions. I have to say that my situation is unique since I was one of the few students who cared about school and respected the teachers, while most of the other kids dropped out or didn't care about anything. So the higher level teachers that I had were really helpful and would go above and beyond for me, which I really appreciated. I also had one of the parents who pushed hard for perfect grades. So overall, my high school experience was probably better than most and I had a decent time. It could have been better. I would have liked more options to be available and a more challenging course schedule offered but my school has to cater to the majority that don't care about their education and don't even go to college so it isn't completely their fault.
Some of the teachers really care and are willing to do anything for the students if the students are willing to put in effort of their own, while other teachers don't care about the students. Those teachers will not really teach class, they will assign online teaching homework and then not help if you have questions under the guise of making the kids think. The teaching styles vary from really interesting and engaging to boring and not informational. Some teachers just lecture and don't care, while others will lecture a little and provide examples and activities that help.
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This school has a big variety when it comes to extracurricular opportunities. The leaders of these groups try to acquire more members with their friendliness. Everyone here tries to make sure everyone is involved.
I have not been at this school long enough to judge the parents. I know, at school events, the crowds are filled with parents cheering for their child or children. Belle Fourche High School has a very good crowd outcome when it comes to school events.
I transferred here my senior year. The teachers here care a lot more about their students than my previous high school. I'm glad I decided to come to this school. Everyone is very kind.
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