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I very much enjoyed my experience at Bellaire. The school had plenty of clubs to join, a very diverse community, and a large array of courses for me to take. Students had lots of autonomy during break and could hold club meetings or visit teachers for tutorials. All the classes were very easy to understand and the community itself was very welcoming.
Bellaire High School has many opportunities for their students to be open and creative. Along with hundreds of club organizations and music organizations, Bellaire provides equal chances for students to do what they love while providing them great quality education.
I appreciate the diverse population at Bellaire High School, I feel like this school prepares me for diversity in college as well as in the work place. The environment of Bellaire High allows for its students to think intuitively and with constant innovation. The teachers and instructors at Bellaire, I believe genuinely care deeply for their students and their well-being. At Bellaire, I was able to expand my horizons and think creatively because of the good instruction and care the teachers gave. Being around people that looked like me and people that didn’t, really gave me an idea of what the real world will be like. Filled with people of different colors, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Bellaire High School gave me an opportunity to really be free as a high school student and essentially helped me prepare for the independence I would have to find in college. Bellaire is like a college campus but with high schoolers which really helped me find my individuality.
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Bellaire High School is the epitome of an all-around high school, as the school hits every category that makes a school supreme. It’s diversity is unmatched, as the school represents over 50 races/ethnicities and nations. Bellaire boasts many state titles in sports such as baseball (seven) along with yearly district title wins in soccer, basketball and track. The academics at Bellaire High School is unmatched by any other public area high school in Houston, being one of the most competitive and rigorous institutions in the State. Bellaire also offers over 100 clubs/organizations that house the population of over 3,200 students. The staff at Bellaire are also as passionate as they come, preparing each student for college in many AP-styled courses while monitoring clubs as an extra-curricular. Overall, Bellaire High School is an unmatched institution.
The school has a community feel. There are lots of clubs, and the teachers are almost always helpful. The school counselors and social workers aren’t the best. usually the school counselors are busy and cannot help all of the students adequately, and the social worker is far from helpful.
Bellaire High is very diverse and there's a place for everyone. It's a large school with ~4000 kids and there are people from all around the world. People make fun of Bellaire for being less academic than other schools but I believe the academics are equal to or better than carnegie or debakey. It's all about choosing the right classes and the AP course selection is far larger than debakey's because of a larger budget. The school is being rebuilt right now and the very old campus won't be a problem soon.
I went to Bellaire high school my freshman year of high school and it was life changing and a eye opener just because I was a freshman and I had a lot to learn and experience and learn from my mistakes. The school wasn't bad at all i liked it personally good teacher but there was a lot of people and it was kind of overwhelming.
My experience at Bellaire High School has been great. I recommend to anyone having doubts about attending. They give the best education and teachers and staff are very attentive towards students. I am now a Senior and there is not any other school I’d rather graduate from. Go Cardinals!
I graduated class of 2020. It’s taken me some time to fully reflect. I was a slacker definitely but the problem is that I don’t think anyone cared or notice. My dad is a middle & high school counselor, I know what should be done and what shouldn’t. The school counselors there barely do their jobs or are even present when they meet with kids. Which is troubling because they have all been there for a long time. There is a really competitive atmosphere among students that is really toxic. There have been so many out of line teachers who have done nothing but intimidate and discourage students or they have unfairly paired us with an unqualified teacher. I have had 2 mediocre teachers. The only down-to-earth people there are the ladies in the front office and administration. They genuinely care about the well being academically and personally of every student/family. Every one else (teachers, counselors, and attendance) acts like they’re still in high school. Add more dual credit.
From attending Bellaire Highschool I have graduated with a certain readiness for the challenges in life. The AP courses ready do prepare students for the difficulty level of how college classes will be. The majority of AP and IB teachers are very dedicated when it comes to helping teachers reach their max potential. They are usually available when it comes to one on one tutoring. The pre-ap classes really do prepare students when it comes to what they can expect from he more advanced classes. Bellaire Highschool is known for the diverse languages that are taught. The language teachers are very prepared and motivated to help students improve as a person and academically. The staff at the school including some teachers do need reevaluation. The majority of the counselors, teachers, and the principal give it their all for students to succeed. The college center is beneficial when it comes to helping students fill out FAFSA, apply for a university, and keep on track.
There are a lot of options for extracurriculars and there are great teachers there, especially for AP classes and honors.
School is overall pretty good. Most of my teachers so far have been good, and their classes are engaging. The facilities and food are lacking though.
Great school with a past pace multi-cultural environment. But the one thing that really sets Bellaire High School apart are the teachers. I've never had such caring instructors.
Bellaire High School is extremely competitive and has a very high standard, despite constant budget cuts from the district. The staff is dedicated and students who take the AP or IB level classes are well prepared for college. The new building will be ready in late 2021
I would Bellaire High School. The students are diverse. There is something for everyone to join and meet friends. College readiness is a main focus.
Bellaire High Schools hosts a very diverse environment and is very welcoming to students. There is a variety of courses and languages for students to take and the staff is very experienced and helpful with whatever your problems may be. Many students and teachers are extremely friendly and are very open-minded.
Bellaire was a great place for sports and other clubs. It was a very diverse school with many opportunities to excel. This school I would say brought me some of my closest friends as well as an awesome education and 4 years of sports.
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So far, Bellaire High School had been a hood experience. Everyone is very nice and the teacher are very supportive. There is a lot of diversity in the school too. One thing I really like about this school is the variety of clubs there are. There something for everyone!
I like how much the teachers and administration cares about their students. The teachers are very considerate and have effective teaching methods, which is a lot different from another high school I've attended.
I am an upcoming junior in Bellaire High School and my experience in this school has been delightful and amazing so far! I wish I was still a freshmen with the ability to still enjoy the fresh and academic atmosphere. The teachers are excellent in the ability to develop students academically and spiritually, guiding the students towards success! The students strive to become knowledgeable and at the same time time themselves to become better citizens due to the guidance of the dedicated teachers. As a matter of fact, becoming a part of the Bellaire community and society played a major role in drastically improving myself as a productive, respectful citizen. The school is also expanding to accommodate more incoming students in order to provide a wonderful high school experience from the VERY start! To sum up Bellaire, is the ONLY high school I recommend incoming students and anyone that wishes to keep their high school memory special later on in life. My verdict: Bellaire is a MUST-GO!
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