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The school is great. They need to find better coaches in some sports. They also need more funding for the art program and the theater programs. The teachers have been great and helpful.
I loved my small town and the closeness of the students and teachers. The teachers really care and are willing to help. I always had positive experiences playing sports
Though we may not have a lot of money, our teachers still excell and give us their all to make sure we have the best education we can get.
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I learned a good amount when I attended this school. But this school is a joke now because I hear that the teachers do not give very much homework. And some teachers do not even teach the students anything and just let them play on their cell phones the whole time.
I graduated as salutatorian. My sophomore and junior year were challenging, but my freshman and senior year were very simple and easy.
There is quite a bit of "high school drama" and peer pressure to party on the weekends.
Thespian/Theatre program is amazng. Definitley recommend to everyone.
Despite the negativities I have selected in the above selections, I did enjoy my time here greatly. The thespian group was one of the best aspects of Bellaire High School.
Some of the teachers were able to keep the curriculum advanced and challegniinng while the other majjoirty jjust did the bare minimum. My teachers were part of this advanced minority in the high school, but I have had some who would much rather be somewhere else.
To get into the school, as a student, you must have an issues key card to unlock the school doors. As a visotor, you must sign in and the office staff will give a visitor sticker. On a different note, bullying is taken seriously. Student who encounter a bullying problem can go to the school counsellor and/or the school principal or any other teacher and the issue will be sure to be taken care of.
You get to participate in many different activities and sports such as thespians, cross country, track, baseball, softball, football, volleyball and swimming. This is a happy environment where you can meet new friends, make memories and create relationships that will impact you positively for the rest of you life.
I not only get a great education at my school but this environment is where I have met my best friends. If it weren't for my school, I would never get the opportunity to be supportive of have their support when we each need it most. That support ranges anywhere from sports to grades. I would most definitely chose this school if I had to do it all over again.
Most teachers invest great amounts of their own time into creating a relatable lesson and are successful when carrying it across to the student.
The All American Town is a close nit community

We all support the kids in any field they choice

Including sports and band
The teachers care about the students and their progress

I am over all pleased with the education my son received while attending Bellaire High School
I'm happy with what my child has accomplished and the support he has been given through out his years at Bellaire High School
All of my teachers are very different from each other. Some are very strict but you learn a lot. Some aren't as strict and still let you have fun in the classroom while working. All of the teachers grading is consistent.
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We have many good sports that are available for students, but clubs are out of the question. We lack the money in our school district so they have cut back teachers. By doing this, they have stopped the science club, dropped languages, removed music and art programs, and kept us from expressing our student lives.
My schools lacks any police or special security measures besides locked doors which are automated by electronic student cards. Our nurse is there for a few hours every day, but we mostly help ourselves to bandaids or any wrap. Our health programs and physical education classes are lacking in depth and modern concepts. I think our school is generally safe, but if a gunman ever made his or her way into the school, many many people would die. We are trained to just sit and wait in the dark if an attacker is present. That is hardly helpful.
In general, the teachers are pretty good. There are some teachers who lack the initiative to actually teach and to help the students, but most of my teachers are great.
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