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I like that my school offers many free academic choices such as pre-ap, ap, and IB. My school is very diverse and the staff and administration is very kind and understanding. I would change the amount of students in every classroom, because due to the increase of students attending Bell classrooms have become more crowded, making it difficult to learn.
Bell High School has the best teachers in the world. These teachers will help you achieve your dreams more than anyone. It was overall a fun sophomore year and I am excited for junior year. I would change the fact that people say a lot of racist remarks and I hate that, but overall I love this school and I am proud to be a Blue Raider!
I loved all of the advanced classes that were available to me. We had GT, AP, and IB, all of which gave me the opportunity to challenge myself. The faculty were always willing to help you and genuinely cared about your well-being. It was a big school with many extracurricular activities. There was something for everyone!
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Great teachers. Phenomenal orchestra program. Community involvement is important to the faculty and staff.
I would kike to see a change in the school culture. I do however know that a lot of this comes from the student body.
The staff at this campus are always very kind and helpful no matter the situation. I feel that this school has great programs and great teachers who truly care about their students and it really shows. I have always been able to receive aid on homework or just simply reviewing and understanding classroom material with my teachers because they always do their best to be available for their students which I believe is just amazing. The administration is always very in control of any and every situation and students have high regard for them so that is also very helpful. The IB program is probably the best thing about this school since your teachers are always just so understanding of how rigorous the program is and they work with their students to find do-able and reasonable assignments and due dates. The reason this school doesn't get the full 5 stars is probably because of how out-dated the actual campus is, it's quite old and quite frankly I think it could truly use a few fixes.
Bell is an excellent public high school. Probably the best around if you can manage to go there. Their main focus is on academics and not really sport. If you are more of a sports person, Trinity High School is your best bet. Although they are rivals. Diversity isn't really there. 70% of the population is caucasian, the rest are Hispanic and African Americans. Not many Asians etc.
This school has great teachers and is outstanding classes. They have provided a variety of options in courses in IB, AP, Pre-AP, and regualr placement. But, the school could have a better student spirit.
One thing I like about bell is the award winning band program they have here. One thing I wish they would change is the pep rally themes, prom themes, exception excuses. Bell needs to change the pep rally themes bc we go through the same themes every year and the school gets tired of them so they don’t show any school spirit and dress up. The prom themes should be based off of what the seniors want because the juniors don’t have one and there’s no other dance and this school or anything of that sorts.The exceptions should be based off of some of your absents because some of them you can’t control like a doctors appointment or funeral those. Students should be scared to go to loved ones funeral because there scared of losing a exception.
The building is a prison converted into a school. The teachers will not help you unless you are in AP or IB. If you want a good athletic program go too trinity. Parking costs 75 and you can’t go to your car during school. Little to no effort from administration to solve problems they just send kids to keys. Would recommend.
My experience at bell for the past 3 years have been amazing! Nothing but greatness comes from this school from the amazing band to the great coaches to there Ap and in programs. I have played football for the past 3 years and the coaches are great! The coaches truly care about their players and their success in life.
Bell high school is a good school but will not offer the diversity that one may look for. It does have good programs like IB and AP which help you attain college credit.
L.D bell is a great high school. While it lacks in some aspects of the high school experience, it makes up in music and academics.
I love their band program at Bell High School and Culinary Clubs at the Buinger. The experience every year is great because we learn more different things about marching and get to make friendships that last forever. One thing I would change would be the food. I would make the menu a little different because we get the same thing every week. I would love for there to be a change in the kitchen but other than that Bell has been a great experience overall.
I like the education opportunities that are available whether that be AP, IB or Dual. The teachers are also very understanding when students miss school and are always ready to help when you ask.
I loved the welcoming environment! Even if you had no connection with the school going into it there was always a way to involve yourself. No one judged who you were because there was always someone who would help you though it.
Bell High School provides students of all calibers with opportunities to fully achieve their potential. There are many clubs, sports teams and after school activities that not only provide needed experience to the students but also allows them to get involved with their community. Bell High School also provides students with opportunities to take rigorous course work such as advanced placement and Ib courses to further help students prepare for college. Overall attending Bell High School is an amazing experience that has granted me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise while enhancing my work ethic.
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Bell High School has a great variety of ethnicities. The classes are amazing and challenging. Something I would change is the amount of homework given out because the workload can be a little too much. Also, the AP classes are something special because they are such an intelligence booster.
Excellent fine arts program. I played softball and took part in the varsity and show choirs. I had a amazing teachers and great classmates.
Bell High School offers different classes with a lot of opportunities. And the teachers who teach the classes really care about their students and their future. The teachers put their all into their lessons for the students to obtain the knowledge they need.
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