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Belgreen is a Small school and it is good for sheltering your kids. Yet Not much diversity and it is behind on the academic curve.
We moved to Belgreen the middle of my son's 9th grade year because he was being bullied at the school he was attending. The first thing the principal of Belgreen said to me was that she couldn't guarantee the same thing wouldn't happen there, but she could guarantee that it would be handled differently. His grades improved and he made friendships that will last a lifetime. Our experience with the school, staff, students and parents was awesome!
I love Belgreen because it is a small school. When attending a smaller school you grow closer to more people, and it has a more home-like atmosphere. This also means students see teachers as friends instead of peers. The only thing I would like to see changed is the student to teacher relationship. This would help make the campus a fair place to learn and compete.
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Belgreen high school has basically been a Home away from home. So I love it with all my heart and the community is small so everyone knows everyone. The only thing I'd like to see changed is the conservative vies from most of the teachers.
The school administration is great. The school' s faculty and staff are very involved with their students as a whole and individually. The Principal and the Guidance counselor are always available in their tremendous role in helping students out in any circumstances. The policies of the school are very strict on anything that will affect or harm any student as an individual and or the school as a whole.
the social scene isnt that great. in my class, we are mostly split Advanced and Standard diploma's and for the most part we dont get along with the either side. there is some peer pressure, and really no racial division due to it pretty much being an all white school. there are some latino, but not in my grade so to me they seem pretty well accepted.
there are club opportunities such as 4-H, FBLA, BETA, Scholars Bowl, SADD, and Beautification. but that is about it. as far as sports go, the basketball team is everything. no one really cared about the baseball team saddly as i used to like to play. the softball team gets some recognition. the track teams are an option but again not widely paid attention too any more. and there arent any football options.
while there are two computer labs, really the elementary one is the only good one. the high school computer lab is not very up to date, and has mostly older computers. and to top it off, there are lap tops available for the elementary and the elementary teachers like to complain and cry if they are ever used by high school, which has only been one time. the high school also has access to Nooks, which arent that great or usefull in my opinion. my advice: be prepared to do research on your own.
The food here isnt all that great. we occasionally get good meals, but for the most part its rather nasty, and not very good tasteing. in all id say it could be worst, but i'd rather see improvement.
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