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Belchertown High School has great teachers, and a great atmosphere/school environment. However, we lacked many high school experiences, such as pep rallies, crowning king and queen, etc. Overall, very good.
The teachers are mostly good and we foster a harder curriculum, making it easier to prepare for college and such. As an athlete I also love the sports culture here. It's a good school and one of the best in the area.
Belchertown High School is a good School. Most of the teachers are great. The principal is great. The food is good most of the time. Nice variety of sports teams. Good college preparation.
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I am a recent graduate of Belchertown High School, and I loved all four years of high school. I felt that I was always in a welcoming and safe environment and I had a lot of support from teachers and guidance counselors throughout the four years. Belchertown has a great guidance department that truly helped me prepare for College and understand how to apply and what to expect, especially because I am the first in my family to go to college. Belchertown also had a great athletic program with lots of variety, and additionally had a wonderful music and art program. This school has helped so many students flourish and become wonderful contributors of the community. I would recommend any one who is moving in Western Massachusetts to explore what Belchertown Public Schools have to offer.
I like how the teachers push you to be the very best but sometimes their approach isn’t the best. Diversity and inclusion could definitely be better as well.
My experience has been very good,but one thing that could be fixed are the tennis courts. It isn't safe to play on them because of all the holes and the nets aren't in the best shape.
my experience with Belchertown high school seemed pretty average. There was nothing super special about it.
Everyone at Belchertown tends to be very friendly and welcoming. Everyone is always pushing you to achieve more. After graduating and going to college, I feel that the school did a good job in preparing me for college. I do wish that there were more programs dealing with living after high school, rather than just the focus of getting into college. Many of the teachers are good and friendly here and it is a good school to attend and graduate from.
Very nice school with good teachers that work their hardest to make sure their students succeed. There is a very big list to choose from when it comes to either sports or clubs as well. School is clean and seems new.
Belchertown Highschool is warm and welcoming. Everybody in Belchertown knows each other and it's a great community. The teachers there always greet you and help you whenever you need them. It is that diverse though a majority of the students are white, which doesn't bother me because school is for learning.
High expectations are set here, a big role in leadership is played, and teachers are always engaging in new teaching\learning styles. I’ve been sent here out of school choice and my experience here was well as there are so many sports and extracurricular activities to choose from. Recently, they had just added a course for robotics & engineering. The building itself is beautiful and propels the want to succeed. People are always friendly and there is plenty of diversity, along with school spirit.
Life at BHS is pretty great. Of course, it's even better when more students participate in school events! Most teachers seem to legitimately care, and some are really excellent. Moreover, administration is so invested and dedicated that it really makes my day so much better. If you're lucky enough to go to BHS, make sure you make the most of your four years. There's so much to do and get involved in. High school's a lot shorter than it feels.
Belchertown High School is a very nice high school, being created in 2001-02, it has a nice diversity of students. The teachers at BHS are very helpful and always on your side, one of the things that make me put 4 stars is because the math wing is a little weak compared to other wings. Another thing is the food at the school is not the best I've seen, wish it would improve.
Belchertown Highschool is a moderately large school with approximately 800 students on average across four grades, and has a very well education programs. The teachers are are made up mostly of veteran teachers with many years of teaching behind them, and when there is a new teacher added to the school, one can tell they are vetted for their job thoroughly, because very teacher at Belchertown High School is excellent at teaching their material. The only downside to Belchertown High School is that the administration likes to get involved in student to student affairs and make themselves apart of every social issue that arrises between peers.
Although it varies between graduating classes, I believe the that mine has been one of the most connected and fun to go through high school with. Many of the teachers are easy to build a relationship with and you always have someone to go to for help, whether it be school or personal related.
Belchertown high school is a very welcoming close knit community. The teachers and administration take pride in getting their students ready for whatever they want to do in life. The one thing that needs to be improved is the diversity. The school is 90 percent white.
The school lacks in many things, but one of the biggest things lacking the choices in classes are VERY LIMITED. The amount of homework and classwork this school gives is insane, I have never met more stressed out students than the ones attending Belchertown High School.
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Belchertown High School is a great place to be as a student. Not only the academics are outstanding and it is a safe school but also it is very supportive of student driven activities. The Belchertown High School Band is outstanding and well known not in MA but beyond.
Belchertown High has decent administration and great staff. The sports programs are awesome and so are the academics.
Your experience at BHS is likely the journey of you becoming the person you'll be for the rest of your life. Make the best of every dance, test and class meeting you can because you can possibly make the best friends of your entire life. My experience at BHS was second to none and I would do it all over again if I could. It's a fantastic school and if you find a few teachers that you get along with really well you will do superbly.
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