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Belaire High has the most caring individuals working there. I am a proud parent of 2 students who have more then exceeded my expectations of knowledge while attending Belaire High.
I am a current Graduate from Belaire High School. I graduated May of 2019. . I danced from 2015-2019 .I honesty made allot of memorable moments for myself, as well as gained lifelong friendships .As I dancer I had the opportunity to travel .We traveled to Texas, performed for TSU.My high school was not very diverse.Majority of kids that attend my high school were African American students, so therefore we lacked learning about other cultures values, morals,and religion. We also switched principal threw-out the year, which hindered allot of our Academic grades. The teachers always tried their best to make sure students were college ready but we lacked resources , and also was limited to college tours. Although my high school experience at Belaire could've been better, it also browned my horizon to get out my comfort zone and explore the unknown.
Belaire is a high school where our education is our obligation. Belaire High is now a magnet school after 2 1/2 years. There are some activities that we have that students enjoy.
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Attending Belaire has granted me the opportunity to not only meet students who care about me but has allowed me to create bonds with my teachers that can last a long time . I have earned my title as Captain of the dance team and the support i receive from my fellow students is unbelievable. Our administration is very involved with the sports program and rarely miss a game . We also have amazing relationships with the ESS/ESL students at our school . No matter what their difference may be we will do anything to make sure they feel comfortable . I love attending Belaire, Geaux Bengals!!
To be honest Belaire isn't a great school. Even though this is the case I have tried my hardest at this F average school in order to go to still have a better future at a better facility.
Belaire high school is a very different school.The teachers are very understanding and make learning fun.They have alot of different activities for students in all different types of things.
My experience at belaire has been amazing. The teachers and the students are very uplifting towards me. What I like about belaire i that they also have something new going on to entertain the students. What I would like to change is the dress code.
What I like about Belaire High School is that the teachers are engaged with you. They teach you what needs to be taught. If you don't understand it, they will try to explain it to you alone. They also care about the people that are not from here. For example, I'm from Mexico, they have helped me a lot. By teaching me and giving me advises and helping me with getting a scholarship, for me to have
a better future. They have help me a lot with my education. I have learn things, which others say that this school doesn't care about teaching. However, I think that students have to put their parts not just teachers. Yes, they have to teach you and they will but some students need to understand that they also have to paying attention and do their work.
One thing that I don't like is that we don't get to have freedom, but I understand why. That's because the students don't follow direction. When they are permitted to have something in school, they take advantage and make it into a chaos.
While I attended Belaire High School, I came across a lot of people that are very different in cultural and social aspects. The students are helpful and reassuring. The administration is strict but fair when dealing discipline. The principle could use a new wig but other than that she is hands-on and open to doing many activities.
Belaire is a great magnet school. It has a diversity of races and everyone gets along there's not really racism that exists in Belaire. The teachers are the best in Belaire every teacher understand each student needs and do what's possible for a student to learn or get that student where it needs to be. They really care about one's education and future. Although Belaire is located in a low income community and has many low income students it makes students succeed in the future and make us want to do better and go to college. They hire programs to help each student with any knowledge needs or counseling or with college help.
What I like most about Belaire High School is the diversity at the school. The teachers really help getting you prepared for college. They have all different types of clubs and activities that i Ms. Belaire participate in.
I loved how much the school had energy. Belaire is place to go to get a meet and social with alot of different races.
Since I’ve been at Belaire High School is been pretty chill I always got good grades since I’ve been at Belaire and the experience with your friends and some teachers and activities are good. Things I would like Belaire High School to improve on is teaching ACT more better than they do now to get higher scores overall and another thing is student freedom of expression.
I had a great experience at Belaire it was different all around. Teachers who went above and beyond to help us.
Well my high school experience of high school was very stressful because managing to keep a 3.2 GPA and also with all of the last minute time with teachers walking out on us I still want to say I really enjoyed high school. Meeting many different type of people that can bring you out of your comfort zone was very kind pf hard for me especially me being gay cause i thought people should of judge me but they didn't the community was great everyone was there for each other. The students was always there to uplift one another also too.
I would like to see everything change . We need more school spirit and communication. Everybody is so distance and sad . The food is so nasty . The bathroom is so nasty and stank . I wouldn't recommend this school to nobody ! The teachers do not care and the students don't either.
Belaire High School has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on different races and cultures. You can also expand your knowledge on technology with the new programs we’ve added to the school.
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I don't like anything about Belaire High School, they are so unprofessional and does not like to help their students with their work.
The administration staff could improve also, the academics of the school could improve. But Belaire always have a welcoming environment to everyone of different races and ethnicity. We also have different types of clubs such as Beta. We having coding and robotics which is apart of the magnet programs new add-on. As a Belaire student i can say we have an excelling band.
It is a great school! The Magnet Program has helped me learn a lot and achieve more. I have been attending this school since my ninth grade year, and every year the school has gotten better. I feel safe at my school and also trust my teachers with leading me the right way. I love how most teachers interact with me and others. Most of the teachers are very supportive and try to push you for greatness. The environment is not the best but it will do.
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