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Belair Baptist Christian Academy Reviews

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Great school with a great staff. The teachers really care about the students. I would highly recommend this School to anyone seeking a loving environment with great academic standards for their child!
This school has been a huge blessing. The academic standards are high, and my daughter tested 4 years above grade level after several years in the school. The teachers and staff are very loving and help the students reach their fullest potential. The classes are small, so the teacher spends a lot of individualized attention with each child. The school partners with other local schools, so that students can play on their sports teams. I highly recommend this small, Christian school to any parent who desires a loving environment with excellent academics for their child.
There are no after school activities or clubs. There are no sports programs or art programs.
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Some students would get in trouble while other wouldn't for doing the same things. Punishment at this school was definitely not given on a fir basis.
I had a good experience at this school. I do feel that it was "outdated" and the work didn't become too challenging until senior year.
The teachers make you feel comfortable talking to them and make themselves available to help you if you need it. We use self paced Pace books.we essentially teach ourselves
My school has no sports teams. We don't have a gym. We do PE as a school on Fridays but have recess everyday.
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