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Bel Air High School offered me an outstandingly focused academic environment with a positive student atmosphere. Each of my teachers and mentors cared about my success and helped me in many ways to achieve my goals. The Biomedical Sciences program at Bel Air High is an extremely well-built pathway which gave me a head start on in college and my future career. I honestly cannot wish for any significant change to come to this school after their most recent decision to move homeroom back to the start of the day. My experience with this school has prepared me and many I know for our journeys in higher education and beyond. I can’t thank them enough!
Bel Air is like an apple. On the outside the colors are all pretty and it seems like the experience will be good and at the end you'll be satisfied. But, when you finally bite into the apple, there are brown spots, its mushy, and the skin is waxy. Overall, the experience you thought would be good, turns out to be pitiful. That what coming into this school was like. It was praised when I first came in and the first year was pretty decent. But then everything started to unravel and the true colors came to be. The outside of the building is beautiful, but the inside resembles a jail and we are treated as so. Some of the teachers truly care about the kids education and are willing to work and help them out. Others could care less about their students. If there is one thing I can take out from going to Bel Air is time management and being somewhat prepared for college and taking AP exams. Trust me, the teachers work you to the death with AP tests
I loved the atmosphere of my high school. It is clean and most of the teachers are very friendly, there are a lot of students so it is easy to make friends. I met some of my best friends here and I met some of the best teachers who have not only taught me educational material but life lessons that I will carry with me forever. Bel Air High School has really helped shape me into who I am today.
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This school is sports driven but to a point, the hard-working students are overlooked. There is a unique Biomedical program but the A.P. classes only feel rushed and they consist of students who do not try. The amount of students striving for success in college is small in comparison to those who simply want to graduate.
I appreciated that the school was somewhat organized, but when it comes to administration/teachers, the overall idea of passing grades are more important than actually knowing the content being taught- reflecting the teachers and the students. Also the main focuses of the school itself are Biomedical Engineering, and the sports teams, so if a student wasn't incorporated with either a class or sport it was common to feel unnoticed, and/or insignificant.
Bel Air High School is an excellent school with an outstanding staff. The school is a friendly learning environment. There are many resources provided to students, preparing them for success.
Very good overall experiences where you can learn, perform, and enjoy a nice and safe learning environment. Gave me the opportunity to grow and learn from my mistakes over the course of my 4 years. Helped me to figure out who I am, what I want to do, and the bigger picture about a lot of things of my life and life in general.
Bel Air High School has helped me in my college search and acceptances through the biomedical program, and for that I am very grateful. But the recent "Scrabble Day" racial incident is no good whatsoever.
I transferred to this school the summer before with my junior year. This high school was much better than my previous school. My previous teachers were more focused on making themselves look good at their job. At Bel Air High School, not only did the teachers care about all of their students, the administration did too. Everyone went out of their way to ensure the students succeeded and were safe.
Bel Air has amazing teachers, staff, clubs and activities, facilities, and academics. As a recent alumni, I can truly say Bel Air prepared me well for the rigor of my college courses and I left with a full resume of volunteering and activities that aided my college application process.
Bel Air High School provides a great education to the students there. The teachers are well trained and care about the students and their grades. Our sports teams are great and there is a diverse amount of extracurriculars.
It is a school that cares greatly about you and prepares you for the future (college, work, etc.). It has a variety of sport teams, clubs, and activities in general available aside from its value upon academics. All in all, it is a great school.
Bel Air High school happens to be one of the best schools in our county and I am very thankful that I have been able to go to a school that has numerous teachers who are excellent at their job. These teachers have pushed me many times to my limit and have taught me a lot, especially preparing me for college. Overall, this school has very friendly administrators, counselors, and teachers. Furthermore, I am very satisfied with this schools music program, along with such a variation of sports, clubs and activities that are offered before, during and after school. I cannot wait to see what this last year at Bel Air holds for me.
It was my first highschool, and overall its a great school for sports especially soccer, football, and lacrosse
Overall I like our sports teams and our drama company very much but Bel Air lacks other activities to bring the community together.
Friendly students and staff, most teachers I encounter are really good and strive to make sure you learn the curriculum. The campus is also beautiful and well kept. Everybody here is passionate and bring a strong sense of community.
My experience in Bel Air High School was great. Teacher were great and they really help you achieve your goals BAHS has tons of opportunities to help you be college and career ready! The only thing they should change is the janitors they’re a bit creepy and rarely cleans anything.
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Bel Air High School is a school where everyone can be involved. We have a club for every interest, and classes to satisfy every academic. Our teachers are compassionate and dedicated to their students success. The facility is modern and our custodial staff makes sure we are comfortable and happy everyday we walk in the doors. Bel Air truly gives its student every opportunity to succeed. I am so blessed to have been able to attend this school.
At Bel Air High School, I learned how to develop my skills for the career of my choice while in a safe, happy learning environment. I had wonderful teachers who I miss dearly and I often recall fond memories I had at the school. Rarely would I face any hardships thanks to the faculty there.
Safe environment. Quality teachers. A lot of oppurtunities are available to take advantage of. Sport scene is fun and enjoyable. Clean campus. High quality facilities. Prepares students for future very well.
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