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Beecher High School Reviews

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I love how family oriented the Beecher community is. I would to see more certified teachers Working at Beecher high school, more school activities
Most are very engaging and knowledgeable.
The most positive and favorite experience was bowling for the school
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I believe overall quality of teachers at Beecher High School is bad because there's only five teachers in the school that cares about the students learning. The condition of the school is harsh that not many students and teachers want to be apart the district, but if there were change anything could happen.
Many of the teachers are after school everyday to allow students that are struggling to come in and work one on one with them.
We are very safe at our school the security guards make sure of it.
We only have one program for after school and no one wants to do it.
My school in my eyes is the best school. It's the best because we are one big happy family. Everything that Beecher do we do it as a family. Every sports team has a student section and we go everywhere that the sports team go. We even support the people who are going to college. We help each other apply and also we would visit the schools with them. Also the homecoming week is very fun for our school because everybody precipitate and shows their school spirit.
The teachers at my school all have their own way of teaching the students. Some will show us how much they care through their teaching and them staying after school to make sure that all the students passed their class or understand it. Others teachers move fast and tell you to come after school. When we go after school they don't give us the answer they would work our brains just like they do in class. I love each and every last one of my teacher because their different tactics of teaching is preparing me and my fellow class mate for college with different type of professors.
Beecher High School has high expectations. The teachers believes that every individual has a unique skill that could possibly make him or her successful. They also work with your strengths and weaknesses to help you grow as a person. My favorite experience was coming in as the new student and being accepted as family. I would definitely go through the experience again because Beecher is a great school and it could prepare you for the distant future.
Either you fail or pass at Beecher. The assignments are easy to complete to earn an A. The best thing about this school is that everyone are treated like family. My favorite experience is my first time attending 9GA (9th Grade Academy). We never had any distractions being that 9th graders only attended. Students were quiet and it was easier for me and my peers to learn. I would choose this school over again because I would want to help the under classmen.
The teachers are very respectable. Although the consistency in grading isn't up to par, mainly because off the extra help given to those who need it, the grades are put in on time. The styles of teaching differ depending on the teacher. But most teachers are very helpful in communicating to help you understand the curriculum. Almost all of our teachers at beecher went away to great universities but came back to Beecher to help our community.
The extracurricular opportunities at my school are tremendous. Almost everyone is involved in the different types of organizationsthat are offered. One organization that Beecher offers is BSIP( Beecher Scholar Incentive Program). This program help one of the seniors of 2015 to get up to 60,000 dollars in scholarship money. The program encourages all students to go to college. They make monthly college visits and field trips. They are also involved with the community and with our schools after school activities such as their Dare To Be Kings day Erich specializes in having more men involved with college.
I only wish we had more sports and that the athletic director doesn't put all his time, money, and effort into the football team.
Beecher High School needs more college prep, and college course classes. There are a lot of student as of myself that would like to earn college credits because we have enough credits to graduate high school with.
My school isn't very diverse the school is majority black, a handful or two is white, and a few Hispanic.
The food at school is awful, I had to resort to bring my lunch to school.
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The sports & fitness facilities are at best ok, the baseball and softball fields could use a good "makeover".
I think that the safety of the school could be better. The security guards seem incapable at times and bag checks could be handled better, but other then that the security of the school is good.
The administrators at my school the very best they can in the environment that they work in.
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