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Overall, it would be okay. I spent most of my time while attending Beebe High School at Arkansas State University Beebe working on concurrent classes (a program the school is ending after next school year).
The AP programs at Beebe High School are amazing. Each teacher goes above and beyond to ensure that the students know the material well and are fully prepared for the AP Exam. Beyond that, the Career and Technical Building is one a kind in Arkansas, offering courses in: agriculture, finance, sports medicine, health sciences, food safety, child care and development, computer programming, and so many more!
I love the school. I've moved around a lot and this has been the one school where I loved going to everyday and the teachers are loving & understanding. They really challenged me to the point where I wanted to give up because It was very challenging to keep up. They helped me through it and helped me get through anything.
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Beebe High school will always hold a special place in my heart since I grew up here but there are a few things I can say I didn’t love. When it came to sports there was a little favoritism and some sports got completely looked over. The school can be very strict when trying to do school spirit activities such as football games, pep rallies, spirit week, and etc. The administration focuses on all the wrong things. It’s almost like they look over our mental health and try to be the best academic school. I personally don’t think they can get certain students to want to learn if they don’t allow them to have the full high school experience. Certain things they do I don’t agree with like taking bathroom doors off so anyone can just look in from the hallway. But besides the small things if you embrace Beebe High School you can definitely have a good time.
Some of the teachers tried to help you I guess? Overall it was a terrible experience. They more or less just push you through without really having to do anything to earn it. But they are underpaid and the kids are not well behaved so what do you expect I guess.
Beebe highschool is a smaller school which can be good for some however to me I prefer a slightly bigger and more diverse schools
The students opinions are never considered when trying to change parts of the school. This is why every time a change is made, nobody is happy. The administration should listen to students more in order to make them happier and give them the ability to actually enjoy the school they attend.
Beebe High School is one of the most welcoming schools I've ever been to. I feel like I can be myself here and it's where I found out who I was. I feel safe at my school. It definitely has that "small-town" feel to it, which can be a good or bad thing. I feel like the academics are great as well as our sports. Our teachers are personal with us and offer help whenever it is needed. The teachers and administrators want to see the students succeed. The only thing I would change is how strict our rules are.
Beebe is your small town where everyone knows everyone. Nothing exciting really happens here so I would hope to see that change for the future kids going into highschool. Before this year rarely anyone came to the football games. I knew it was time for a change so I went to one of my teachers and we came up with themes for the games. This actually turned out well since many students started to show up to the games! Being on the high school dance team, it is nice to see more faces show up in the stands. Speaking about dance team, that would have to be my favorite part of highschool. My coach always pushes us to do our best and comes up with the best choreography for halftimes! As my highschool career is coming to an end, all I can hope is that Beebe starts to actually feel like a highschool to their students. Because personally for me, I really don't feel like I got the full high school experience. So I just hope that school gets more energized and can just overall have more fun!
Beebe High School offered me a good education and valuable high school experience. The majority of the staff on campus want each and every student to succeed and I was able to move through high school with teachers who really cared about who I was.
Beebe High School has an excellent Career Tech building. Beebe High School provides many classes, from culinary arts to engineering and welding.
Beebe High School is a great school with amazing teachers who work hard to make sure that their students are successful. There are also many opportunities for students to take classes to gain college credit and electives in many different subjects.
The programs here at Beebe High School are very outstanding, the band program is very engaged and also appreciated by the students, and holds its own standing. This school was also one of the first in the state to take up the computer science initiative, adding computer science classes that have been seen to be extremely engaging and useful. The AFJROTC is an extremely active program, offering lots of opportunities to travel and show competition, including a national level drill team, national level Cyberpatriot teams that have worked very close with the computer science classes and teachers. The school offers many programs and is very inclusive to all types and personalities.
I think that this school has amazing fine arts programs, a very good ROTC program, and most of the school sports are really good too. I would like to see a change in the funding for the groups. The fine arts programs and the ROTC need more funding, and the football team needs less.
The AP track that I was on had amazing teachers that really cared about their students and wanted them to succeed. The down fall for this school was that administration tends not to listen to students' and teachers' opinions on big changes.
I had so many opportunities to get plugged into multiple outlets (sports, choir, drama, FCA and other clubs)
I've been going to Beebe schools all my life. Ninety percent of the time I had a amazing and caring teacher helping me with what ever I needed along the way. At Beebe there are so many career opportunities like criminal justice and drones.
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The teachers at Beebe High School are excellent. With that said, conflict among students is not handled like it should be.
Overall, my experience in Beebe high school has been very good. It has open up so many doors for me and my future. Through the many clubs like AFJROTC, FFA, Senior Mentor, Junior Class officer, and Senior Class Officer, it has taught me outstanding leadership that i can carry with me my whole life. There were times where it was tough because students can be very cruel to one another and it always seemed like the looked over students never got a chance to be in the spotlight, so that is something I would like to see change. Also, i would have loved for the students to be taught the importance of the small things and not always being judgmental to everyone and making others feel less than them. Also the school should find a way to get kids more motivated and involved. Other than that, I can honestly say that i have enjoyed my years in Beebe High School and i will always have Badger Pride thanks to Beebe High School and the wonderful staff we have there.
Most of the staff at Beebe High School try their best to help the students. In my opinion, they are not quite good with updating equipment, but they are using the money for activities. There have recently been new activities to increase student participation and preparation.
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