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The teachers were usually easy to get along with, for the most part. Something I would like to see change is the way the school spends their money.
I like Bedford North Lawrence High School. The school provides many opportunities, such as career readiness and development courses at our career center, that other schools do not. I would perhaps like to see a change in the attitudes of some teachers. I think that some staff members could be more accepting of members of communities such as the LGBTQ+ community.
I like the variety of classes offered at Bedford North Lawrence. The opportunities at the North Lawrence Career Center provides opportunities for students to be prepared for college or the work force.
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My high school experience was a good one. My teachers really tried to make sure everyone moved through their
classes and were ready for the next tier of classes. My counselor was excellent. She was very well informed about guidelines and exactly what I needed to accomplish in order to graduate on time.
High quality education with many options for assistance. Many options for tutoring and mentoring throughout your schooling experience.
I would like to see the facility treat students better, I would like to see improvement on it being cleaner.
I took almost exclusively Accelerated, AP, and dual-credit classes in high school. I feel that the harder the material, the more passionate the teacher. My instructors really cared to work with and around the broken system to help us achieve. The Art Department is an especially wonderful place also. The negatives are structural. The scheduling and structure are built for typical students, so those who are severely above or below average are sort of screwed over. People who need a ton of help or who want to go way above and beyond have to go out of their way to get what they need because the system seems designed to serve only mid-range students.
I like the environment of the classrooms. Both the students and teachers make everyday great. I also like how BNL has a vocational school that you can go to to learn hands on skills for the future. The counselors also are very helpful and help you with your individual needs.
I am satisfied with the courses and facilities offered by BNL, but disappointed with the teachers. There are a lot of math and science courses that are related to STEM and engineering and provide useful information, but a lot of teachers in the science department are viewed from many students and other teachers as poor and lacking. Replacement based on performance is ignored and rather determined by when the teacher will retire or quit, leaving students with poor experiences and a lack of opportunities. The administration barely does anything about it, and I hope to see this change.
My daughter is currently a sophomore and she is thriving at BNL she loves her teachers and trusts them even considering some friends. She is on track for an honors diploma and overall enjoys school
Bedford North Lawrence high school is a school I would recommend!! This school has an amazing art department and awesome art teachers who care deeply about you. Not only is the art department very nice, but most of the teachers are..... The English department teachers care for the students and are welcoming if you have questions. The history department is awesome as well.
The staff and administration are currently doing what they can to improve all as pects of our academics in our community. I would like the Sports facilities to be upgraded, but to do that they are having to make some major changes within our school system. I believe it is needed to improve both our sports facilities and our academic success.
Bedford North Lawrence High School is a good high school overall. Most of the teacher are nice and extremely helpful. There is math tutors for those who are struggling. The campus is pretty safe. The North Lawrence Career Center is amazing. The classes prepare you for the workforce and your career choice. Some of the classes give you dual credit that counts toward college.
I feel like the school prepared me in knowledge of college level school work in which many college classes are reflective of the material covered at this school.
I am very pleased that Bedford North Lawrence has a wide variety of courses for the students, including agriculture, medical, and art classes. I would like to see this school enforce more rules and punishments when it comes to bullying.
My overall experience has been great in terms of the teachers who are preparing students in the college level classes.
For the most part, my time at BNL was amazing. I have been lucky enough to have teachers who understand what I have going on in my life and normally do not overload me with work. I have also had a select few teachers who were not the best.
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I love all the extracurricular activities. I would love the food to get better and the attendance policy to be less strict.
This school can teach you a lot. Also there is a ton of bad influences. The sports are average but football and basketball games are the most popular. The lunch food isn't horrible but it could be way better. Some teachers actually teach but others do not. There is a ton of college course classes to prepare you. Some are connected through IU and Vincennes for college credit but most are just for preparations. The ethnicity and diversity is not very high but its a small rural town. I will however state that we are expanding our cultures. I think its a good school to go to for what it has to go off of.
Overall the academics pushed me to become a better student. The sports and clubs were very accepting. Although I would like to see a change in student participation in school spirit.
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