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The teachers are very approachable and the other staff is very helpful. In school there are no major issues with bullying, however I would love to see more drug and hate prevention work.
The school is very hard to be apart of if you are not from Bedford. It is a very tight-knit community and they are not that open to new people. The teachers are really nice though and try to help you out. The students just make it hard to enjoy school.
Bedford High School is a smaller high school compared to neighboring towns. You have options of several elective classes you can take and as a senior you can pick your Major classes based on what you are interested in. The high school has several different levels including college prep, honors, high honors, and AP (for some classes).
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I spent 3 years at Bedford starting from eighth grade. I spent two years at Bedford High School. I liked the environment and surroundings at Bedford High. The people and teachers are friendly and help you fit in effortlessly. I believe my time at Bedford High was memorable for me as I had just moved from out of the country and was happy to move to such a nice school district. Overall Bedford High school is great and has outstanding teachers!
I came into Bedford High School in the middle of the school year from another state and was immediately welcomed with open arms! I was able to get plugged in very quickly with the musical that year, which made it much easier to get involved and make friends. The environment was safe and supportive throughout my time there and the faculty was more than kind and super accessible! Thank you, Bedford High School, for being the solid educational platform that I was able to jump to college from!
I like that it is very college like and you are responsible for yourself and your grades. The school provides many opportunities for an individual to get involved in the Bedford Community.
This school is good for a certain kind of student. If they are motivated and can advocate for themselves, students thrive here. However, there is a lot of pressure academically, especially around post high school plans. The teachers are very supportive of their students and make up for the lack of administrative involvement. The music and arts programs are a highlight of this school, award winning marching band and theatre program.
The diversity here isn't to standard. It needs some improvement. In my opinion, advancing as an minority is challenging but not impossible.
I really like the school! The teachers are really nice and the different levels of academics push you. The food is horrible! I have transitioned well during my freshman year, but many others are struggling with the workload.
Exceptional school with dedicated teachers and parents. Good variety of arts and solid science programs. Extracurricular clubs and sports.
Pretty good overall. I’ve been involved with many sports, however clubs are not prevalent anymore. Most of them have dissolved or have very few meetings. The teachers here are wonderful for the most part, but some of them can be difficult (typical of any school). School spirit has diminished as sports teams get better, a paradox in a way. I’ve mostly enjoyed my time here, but there have definitely been some problems. Typical high school issues with others, teachers, etc.
Great academics, but student population could be more diverse. The teaching staff and administration are extremely supportive, especially during the college search process.
My experience with Bedford High School has been very positive throughout my 4 years here. The faculty is very helpful and they always made sure to check up on students if they ever needed help. Bedford High School is also very diverse and attend to every students needs. Overall Bedford has an amazing school system, and really cares about the students.
Honestly the racism is bad and the bullying ,but overall it’s great over there education wise. Sometimes people go through stuff ,but the staff is right there to help solve it right away
Overall, I got a good education from the school. The scheduling made it easy when switching from high school to college and I felt prepared. However, I transferred to this school my sophomore year of high school and I did not feel welcomed. The school is extremely clicky and relies on who you know not who you are. The school obviously only wants students that are not from the town of Bedford because it can get the school money. The teachers and counselors are extremely helpful and nice but the problem is with the administration.
My experience at Bedford High School has been good. I started Junior year and I was scared at first but the students and teachers were very accepting. There isn't really anything that I would change. I've gone to many schools and Bedford has been my favorite.
The school administration allowed the students to express themselves. The clothing rules and restrictions were not strict, and students felt comfortable being themselves. However, I felt as though the teachers relied too heavily on the provided IPads. The lessons were very reliant on the use of technology and I feel as though I was not taught by the teachers, but the iPads.
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I will be starting my fourth year at Bedford High School, and my past three years have been overall enjoyable. Besides my rigorous academics, wonderful teachers, and amazing friends at BHS, I have grown tremendously as a person in the past three years. BHS has provided me with so many leadership opportunities. Being a 2 year captain of a sports team, a peer leader, student ambassador, and so much more. It has offered me classes like anatomy and AP biology to help prepare me for my future career as well as medschool, and it gives students many opportunities to explore subject areas and interests.
I really like this school. I appreciate the rigor and how much they prepare us for college. The community is hard to settle into but kind and welcoming nonetheless. Funding is a little low, but besides that i’ve enjoyed my experience here.
They need to work on their math department. science and everything else was good though. kinda wish I joined some clubs because from what I heard they were good
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