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I loved the school spirit and overall inclusiveness! At football, basketball, volleyball games, etc., our school spirit always went above and beyond. Faculty were always there to help facilitate our rallies and I know this helped our sports teams perform well.
I really like the diversity of cultures that one can find here and the way they make you feel in family regardless of your origin
I would like to see more programs provided at the school such as culinary arts and an on-site children program
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Most of the teachers are very supportive and eager to help. I have always loved the school spirit the student section exhibits even when our teams are losing. It often feels like the administration focuses more on image and fundraising than the quality of the students' educations and experiences. While I have not personally experienced it, I have heard about issues with racism that the administration fails to address. I had large issues with my counselor who failed to help me and do her job but she has since left and my new counselor is absolutely wonderful.
I am part of the 103rd graduating class of BHS, so it's old school-- literally! The diversity of the student body is reflected in the eclectic architecture of the buildings and the legends infusing BHS culture. Offering over two dozen AP classes, the academics are superior. It may not be pretty, but BHS is a regional powerhouse!
The school has a good community that is easy to connect with. Also, the students are friendly and I have never seen anyone bullied throughout the school. The classes they offer are also very interesting. One thing they could improve is the variety of classes that are offered because while they might have a lot of classes they are not extremely unique.
I loved the teachers and administration at BHS. I do wish they were a little more involved with their students, but I learned so much both academically and in life while attending.
The main thing that I have learned from Beaverton High School is that your experience is what you make out of it. The teachers and resources can be some of the best as well as the worst, depending on how you choose to take advantage of them. Overall, my High School experience was 100% a positive one because of my involvement in clubs, athletics, programs, and more. I went out of my way to make friends and develop positive relationships with the staff at the school. Because of how I carried myself and took advantage of everything there, I feel prepared for college as well as what lies ahead.
I liked the large variety of classes that were available to take such as Marketing, Spanish, and lots of different art classes. There is something at Beaverton for everyone. However, they do very little to change classes or offer new ones. During my time at Beaverton, the same classes have been offered and not one new class has been created for students to take, which makes the experience very repetitive and boring.
In comparison to other schools in the Beaverton School District, I would say that the major selling point would be the amount of AP courses offered at Beaverton High (AP>IB all the way).
What I like most about Beaverton High School is the support we receive from the community and the large amount of tradition within our school. At all of our football games their are lots of alumni and people from the community to support us. The students are also very connected and supportive of one another. The student sections at sporting events are often very big and energetic. Alumni take pride when they say they went to Beaverton and I feel like I will feel the same way when I am older. My mom, aunts and uncles went to Beaverton so I have a first hand experience about what has made Beaverton special throughout the years.
I personally quite like the teachers from this school, they are very helpful with work and are very nice people. Although, some teachers could be a little better at teaching certain subjects. Counselors are very good at getting you ready for college.
Since I am a senior now and I have experienced a lot in the Beaverton school district, I have grown up with the same community and peers. As I grew up and moved onto different level schools, I was placed in a middle school where there is very little diversity and diversity is something some schools in the Beaverton school district lack. There was a time in my where I didn't feel comfortable in my classes because of the few Hispanic people in my school or classes. Overall the beaverton school district has some of the most amazing teachers who want to see their students succsed and grow from the course. I am lucky to be in a school district where teachers pay attention to their students, prepare them for college and just about anything life throws at them because Beaverton school district isn't just a community but a family.
Beaverton High School is a welcoming school that has lots of academic choices. I recently started attending Beaverton High and so far I am really enjoying it here. The students and Staff are all very nice, and there are a lot of after school clubs and sports you can join. The clubs give students great ways to meet new people who have the same interests as you and are also fun.
Very diverse community and great teachers and admin! The school has a strong spirit and the facility is very nice the teachers are very connected to students and take time to make sure everyone is successful
Beaverton is an amazing school that likes to make sure everyone is connected in the community. The diversity all around makes for a fun environment where you are able to learn much about the people around you.
Beaverton is committed to excellence as well as improving our school culture, yet there are many things that still need to improve before I can give a 5 star. The student body is very toxic to others and makes school unbearable for many.
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My experience at Beaverton High School was a great one. They offer so many programs for students like the Health Careers pathway, Child Development, AutoTech, band, choir, football, you name it. One thing I would like to see changed is teachers respecting students who respect them. I have seen teachers walk around and teach like they are smarter than the students. But that’s not the case. This should change at every school. Every teacher should be on the same wavelength as the student and not talk down to them.
I loved Beaverton High because the environment was so friendly and always had me in a good mood. The staff is positive and cool, the assignments were manageable, and I absolutely loved the theater and choir departments. I was always bullied in my elementary to middle school years, but once I came to Beaverton High, it all stopped. I was actually very sad to graduate and leave all my friends as well as such great programs. BHS will always remain a great high school experience for me.
I like how diverse it is and the support of the teachers. There is a club for anyone and if you do not find one you like, you can create one.
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