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Beaver Falls Area Senior High School Reviews

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Beaver Falls is great. The overall environment is friendly and I love it. There is a wide range of classes, though I wish there were more options in the foreign language department. Things like French and German. All we have now is Spanish.
I am currently a freshman at BFHS. It was easy to adjust to the school’s structure during my transition from the middle school over to the high school. The teachers and staff are there for you if you need to talk or need help. I am a little more than half way into my freshman year of high school, and I am liking a lot.
I love Beaver Falls high school ! Although , I dislike the drama there , but every high school you go to is going to have drama. It is just apart of life
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The teachers do actually care about the students and work to help them achieve their goals. The curriculum is poor and tends to hold back students who are at the top of the class. The administration is generally kind but has a few incompetent and rude guidance counselors. The food is poor. There are not many clubs and activities to take part in.
I had a great experience here. I got the education and extracurricular activities needed to make me into a well rounded student and person. The administration is very helpful and will do anything to get you to your highest potential. Teachers made me excel to do the best I could. I was able to even take college courses so I could get a head start of college credits. I would highly recommend this high school regardless of the impression people get from the town/community!
I transferred over to Beaver Falls the end of my sophomore year and I wished I would of transferred sooner. I like it better then the old school I went too. Overall it's not a bad school to attend. The sport teams are decent. There are many clubs to choose from. For the most part, the teachers are helpful.
Though I had a great educational experience, and I made great friends, I would not choose to return to Beaver Falls if I got to return to my high school years. Though all of my favorite experiences were with the high school marching band, I am afraid that the school focuses too much on athletics and not enough on the rest of their extra-curricular activities.
No matter how someone is different at my school, most people are very accepting of them. Everyone tries their best to make people that are different feel accepted.
Our teachers try their best to make sure we get a good education. Most of them offer tutoring after school when a student doesn't understand something. Also, they usually know more than just the subject they teach.
We have a variety of clubs and sports. If we want to create a new club, all we have to do is find an adult to supervise, and people that would join, and bring it to the school board. Also, most of the sports are available to everyone. We are not a very large school, so try outs are not usually necessary.
The food doesn't taste very good, and because of the health program we use, our lunches cost more, even though they give us less food.
Even though we may not have the richest school out there, it is still a good environment. Our teachers do their best to give us a good education. Also, I have had many good experiences in the school. My peers are all good people, and we all get along well, and the school gives us opportunities to attend events.
Our buses have now been combined with the middle school, so the ride is a lot longer. I live farther away, so my ride to school, which is usually 15 minutes when just going straight there, is 40 minutes. The buses are otherwise alright; relatively clean and safe.
We do not have a large crime rate associated with the school, so there are not a lot of safety measures needed. We occasionally have drug dogs come and sniff out the place, and have had the police do a random metal detector test a few times. I feel pretty safe at our school.
Since we are not a very rich school, we do not have a lot of sports funding. Most of the funding goes to football, basketball, and baseball. We are fortunate enough, however, to live close to a college, and we are able to use their football field for games, and their track for track and field.
Although our teacher try their best, we are not a very rich school, so we do not have the same opportunities as some schools. Our reading, math, science, and social studies departments are of good quality, but many of our arts programs have been cut due to lack of funding.
There are a good variety of clubs.
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The nurse is good at handling general problems.
There is really no diversity. There is only are two racial groups, white and black. Both races are VERY accepting of each other. There are no problems regarding race.
Most of the teachers here are average and few are the cream of the crop when it comes to teaching. I only knew of a couple teachers who were really disrespectful.
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