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My experience with Beallsville High school is amazing with the much effort of our teachers trying to teach the students that don't want to learn. They end up working hard to end up with a good future.
small town community always comes together to support the school and the children no matter what the circumstances are!
Being in a small town like mine we do not have threats but everyone is ready for them as if it will happen.
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Because of the government and levy's our school had to cut a lot of teachers and i now have to have online courses which is very difficult.
At my school we do not have as good of a variety of courses like other school.
My school is very big on in-school suspension.
I love my friends but it is a very small school
we do not have clubs and a lot of students do not like sports.
we do not have very many sports and for the sports we do have we have awful facilities to use.
The food is healthy but it tastes bad and we do not have a lot of choices.
Our whole student body gets free lunch, so we cant really complain about it. We don't really have a choice though.
We've never had any bomb threats or major threats at all. Every now and then a community police officer will come in with his K-9, but that's only to come visit us.
There isn't a lot of bullying that goes on at our school, and if bullying does happen there are strict disciplinary policies put into place. Our dress code is just average, we don't have to wear uniforms. A lot of our student body just wears sweat and t-shirts. We like being comfortable coming to school.
Our teachers really care about our future. They want to see all of us go on and make something out of ourselves. We have honors classes and regular classes. Our school district has had some tough happenings, therefore we don't have shop or music anymore.
We are a small school, so almost every student is an athlete. Not only our students, but our community is very big into school spirit. We have a very small variety of sports, but it's only because we are so tiny.
Our school is very unique. Our Senior class usually contains 30 people. Small right? Every year we have a fundraiser where our students and community raise money for local cancer patients. Last year we raised almost $60,000. It honestly is an amazing thing and helps out so many people.
The social scene at our school is pretty good. Everyone is their own person, but all together we're a close group.
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