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Beacon Academy is an incredible and unique institution. Teachers are invested in their students’ success and the school genuinely cares about students’ well being and future. Students are able to take classes they care about at a rigorous level. Classes are truly conducted in Montessori style: discussion based and about learning and worldly knowledge, not memorizing dates and facts. Beacon prepares students for college and life.
Beacon is an impressive school that creates an ideal learning environment where students can learn to their best potential and teachers are given the time and space to be professional educators. It is the most inclusive place in which I have worked. The teacher really care about the students and the students are deeply invested in the learning process.
Beacon Academy is a highly intellectual education with content that is substantive, and demanding of students. Teachers expect students to process and apply information across curricula, giving life to true interdisciplinary learning. There are no silos of classes and subjects. Freshman and sophomore years lay the considerable foundations to prepare students for the rigors of an IB curriculum. Writing -- often, with edits, with thoughtfulness -- is vital to every class, including STEM courses. Teachers and administrators are deeply engaged with students in the classroom and genuinely interested in them. They seem excited by the ideas students bring each day, as evidenced by animated, respectful classroom discussions. There is no hum-drum at Beacon, especially Community Meeting Days, when students lead all-school assemblies, giving them ownership and responsibility. Beacon is a mission-driven, focused environment, which is acutely reflected in their enthusiastic student body.
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I love going to Beacon Academy! The learning environment is very positive and each of the teachers is enthusiastic about the subject they are teaching. Furthermore, they make sure that each and every student completely understands what they are learning. I love the community here because everyone is accepting of one another. It helps that the 9th and 10th graders are in classes together. This allows for friendships with students that are older and younger than oneself. The thing that I love most about Beacon Academy, is the relationship between the students and teachers. I feel accepted by everyone in the community and every teacher cares and respects me. Whenever I have a question about anything, my teachers are willing to help me and talk me through my difficulties. Overall, I love this school!
Beacon definitely creates its own path in academics. As the first Montessori-based high school in the Chicagoland area as well as one of under 50 IB schools in Illinois, Beacon is known for its positive eccentricity to what is considered typical in schooling.

Teacher availability and connections are unmatched; it's incredibly easy to get help outside of class and teachers are always around.

The locations is amazing: being inside of Northwestern's Campus, Beacon is surrounded by amazing restaurants (which we have access to through open lunch) and parks. Public transportation is just 500 feet away from the school, making commuting very accessible and a realistic option for students; it's no wonder that students come from about 60 different zip codes.

Beacon's goal of diversity is beginning to surface in its incoming classes, with this year's freshman class identifying with over 50 countries and speaking multiple languages.
Beacon is a very welcoming community. Very hands on in helping students understand the lesson material as well as being a person you to talk to about anything.
Beacon Academy was an amazing school that really fostered my love for learning, and allowed me to grow into the person I am today. The teachers care so much about every single student, and every student has a unique relationship with their teachers. One of the best things about Beacon is the trust that the teachers hold for their students, allowing us to become independent, responsible, and honorable people. Beacon is the place where anything can happen if you put your heart and hard work into it. The clubs and sports teams are all initiated by students, and if there is enough student interest, its super easy to get a faculty advisor to start that club. Although sports may not be as prestigious as other big high schools, theres still plenty of Beacon school spirit, and sports games are always fun to go to with friends. All in all, Beacon is a great school that accepts anyone and everyone, and the community is welcoming to every type of person who chooses to attend.
I absolutely love Beacon. I transferred into the school halfway through the school year and everyone was very welcoming. I think the best part of the school is the teachers, who are always willing to help us and talk with us outside of class, whether it be about the class or something else entirely. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have gone to Beacon.
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